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Targeting Thrills: Exploring Shooting Sports in Izmir

List of shooting halls in Izmir with location

Shooting is a sport that aims to shoot the target in the best possible way using a firearm. The target object can be moving or stationary during shooting. The origin of the sport of shooting is related to hunting. However, there are profound differences when the goal of shooting is competition rather than hunting.

Shooting sport started in Northern European countries at the end of the last century. This sport, which is performed with different weapons, has been able to enter the Olympic competitions over time.

In many shooting halls in Izmir, if the applicant does not have a weapon, those centers allow the applicant to use the weapons of that center, as well as training services, issuance of certificates, and guidance for participating in competitions if qualified. They provide being.

A man fire gun in shooting center

What is shooting sport?

Archery: It is a sport that can be done using shooting techniques while standing, kneeling, and lying down. Participants must hit the center of the target as far as possible within the given time. In standing shooting, the whole gun is held with two hands. If fired with powder guns, it can be stabilized with arm, chest, or hip support.

In kneeling shots, the position is determined by whether the competitor uses his right or left hand. Accordingly, those who shoot with the right hand should kneel with the right knee, and those who shoot with the left hand should use the left knee. The prone throw is usually the first technique used by the athlete. Care must be taken that the weapon used in this technique does not come into contact with any other object.

A woman use gun in shooting center

How is shooting sport done?

In air rifles and firearms competitions, all shots are fired under the supervision of a referee. All the athletes’ points are transferred to the digital environment and reported during the competition. The reports received from the judges will be announced after the evaluation. After the competition, the athletes who qualify for the ranking will be awarded medals. Prizes are awarded to the winning teams in team competitions.

Starting shooting at a young age is very important for learning and developing the sport of shooting. For children interested in this sport, it is recommended to begin shooting from age 10. Athletes who want to improve in shooting should work regularly with a coach. Athletes who engage in shooting sports and show high performance are followed by the Izmir Shooting Technical Committee. Athletes above the quota of points can become national athletes with the committee’s decision. National athletes have the right to represent their country in foreign competitions.

Shooting certification in Izmir

To issue a shooting certificate, you should refer to the General Directorate of Sports and Youth of Izmir Province in your place of residence (Gençlik ve Spor İl Müdürlüğü). The address of these centers can be found in Mukhtar, the place of residence, or Google.

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What are the rules of shooting sports?

Equal rules apply to all athletes in shooting competitions. The number of shots given to the athlete and the timing is different depending on the competition. Shooting a rifle at a target at a distance of 50 meters is completed with three positions. In the men’s competition, the target is 50 meters. Forty shots are done lying down, kneeling, and standing.

A separate time is given for each technique to shoot the center ring. Accordingly, the participant must perform the shot in 45 minutes lying down, 75 minutes standing, and 60 minutes kneeling. Among the participants, eight with the best score go to the finals. Shooting finals in Izmir are done with the standing shooting technique. Here, the participants are asked to shoot ten shots. Each shot must be completed in 75 seconds.

Necessary equipment for shooting

Sportswear, air pistol, or air rifle. Air pistols and rifles fire their projectiles using compressed or carbon dioxide capsules. The bullet of the air pistol, which looks different compared to ordinary pistols, is 4.5 mm. Bullets of the same size are also used in air rifles. Since rifles can be shoulder-supported, they are generally easier to aim than pistols.

Apart from air pistols and air rifles, hot guns can be fired in these salons. The rapid-fire pistol has been used in Olympic competitions in recent years. 22 caliber gun can be built with quick-fire, semi-automatic, and single shot.

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Izmir shooting clubs

The list of shooting halls in Izmir with location

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