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Ordu City in Turkey

Ordu: A Jewel of Turkey's Black Sea Coast

Introducing the city of Ordu

Ordu is one of the most important coastal cities in Türkiye. This city, located in the northernmost part of Turkey, is bordered by Samson, Tokat, Sivas, and Girson. Its history goes back to the 8th century BC; it has always been an important city in its region. With its natural beauty, historical monuments, and magnificent cultural heritage, this city attracts nearly one million tourists every year.

Where is the city of Ordu?

Where is the city of Ordu?

The city of Ordu is located in the northernmost part of Turkey, near the Black Sea at the foot of a green hill, and is considered one of the calmest and greenest areas along the Black Sea coast. Due to this region’s rainy weather and fertile lands, vegetable gardens, fruit, and vast forests cover the entire camp and provide an image of paradise.

History of the city of Ordu

The city of Ordu was founded in the 8th and 7th centuries BC by Cotyora and became famous worldwide with the same name. At first, the Romans and the Kingdom of Trabzon ruled this region. After that, the Danes controlled this region from 1214 to 1228, and then the Seljuks until it came under the power of the Ottomans in 1461, along with the Trabzon Empire. During the Ottoman Empire, Ordu remained a district of Trabzon province.

History of the city of Ordu

The Ottomans used This city as a military outpost under Bayrameli near Eski Pazar. In 1869, the city’s name was changed to Ordu, and it was united with the districts of Bulaman, Parshambe, Olubi, Hansamana, and Ibasti. After the republic, it separated from Trabzon and became an independent province.

Archaeological activities in Ordu

In 2016, Turkish archaeologists discovered an ancient marble statue for the first time in the Cybele region. Later, in 2018, statues of Pan and Dionysus were found in the same place, which is among the valuable historical works of this region under protection.

Archaeological activities in Ordu

Archaeologists in Ordu made other important discoveries, including eight old tombs in the Kortolos region, which are about 1600 years old. Researchers also found human and animal remains made of gold, sardine stone, silver, glass, and bronze during these years. In one of the other areas of Cybele, a monastery from the Byzantine period was discovered, which was later found to have belonged to Emperor Constantine and his mother, Helena.

What is the weather like in Ordu?

Like many coastal cities of the Black Sea, Ordu province has a subtropical climate. This city has hot and humid summers and cold and humid winters. It rains almost throughout the year in this city. However, its intensity is higher from February to March; we usually witness heavy snowfall in the camp during this period. The warmest month of Ordu is August, and the coldest month is February. The air temperature in this city is usually between 8 and 20 degrees Celsius and does not go out of this range.

A picture of the shopping store in ordu city

Ordu economy

Ordu province is famous worldwide for its hazelnuts. This city alone supplies 75% of the world’s hazelnuts in raw form and as nuts and chocolate products. To experience these delicious products, you can visit the Golden Hazelnut Festival, held annually in September in this city!

Another product of this city is white beans, which are exported to Europe. Agriculture in berry fields and fishing are other primary sources of income in this city. You should also know that Ordu is also an industrial city to some extent. Despite having seven huge companies, it is considered a member of the Anatolian Tigers.

The place of sports in the city of Ordu

It is not harmful to know that the people of Ordu City attach great importance to sports, especially football, basketball, and mountain climbing. This city is home to Erdospor football club, and 19 Eylül Stadium is in the city’s heart. The Orduspor football team has played in the Turkish Super League for several seasons. This club also has a professional basketball team.

Ordu public transport

There are many city commuting options, such as buses, minibusses, and taxis. Of course, you need to buy a rechargeable “Ordom Card” to use the bus. This card costs 12 lira and is available in almost every kiosk. Buses in this city run from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. However, minibusses offer a faster and more convenient option for traveling around the city because they have fixed routes and fares.

A picture of the winter season in Ordu

How to go to camp in Ordu?

With the establishment of Ordu Airport in 2015, tourists can access the city. Before that, to go to this city, you had to go to Trabzon or Samson airport and then travel to this city by bus. But now, after arriving in Istanbul, you can immediately book a direct flight to Ordu city and reach this beautiful city after almost two hours.

After arriving at the airport, you can go directly to the city center by bus, 24-hour taxis, and private and rental cars. The distance from the airport to the city center of Ordu is approximately 18 km, and it will take about 30 minutes to travel by bus.

What should we eat in camp?

Ordu is famous for its fresh recipes, soups, and seafood. Its traditional recipes mainly include meat, sweets, corn, and vegetables. This city is considered an essential culinary destination in its region. When traveling to this city, be sure to experience Derin Balık seafood, Atabay Lezzet Çiftliği soup and meatballs, Camburnu Balık fish, and Fatsalı Hünkar Turkish breakfasts.

A beautiful view of Ordu

Where should we stay in the camp?

Although Ordu does not offer various accommodation options for its visitors, the city also has famous four-star and five-star hotels. If you are looking for a relaxing vacation in Ordu, it is better to stay at Boztepe hotels. These hotels, located 20 minutes from the main city center, are the best option for living in Ordu because they provide the best views and a relaxing environment away from the city noise.

List of famous Ordu hotels:

1. Sinema Hotel
2. Anemon Ordu Hotel
3. Kubaliç Hotel & Spa
4. Ramada Plaza by Wyndham Ordu
5. The Wyspy Hotel
6. Sonerbey Hotel
7. Hampton by Hilton Ordu
8. City Hotel Baliktasi
9. Evimiz Hotel
10. Aktug Elegance Hotel

Sightseeing and entertainment places in Ordu

• Sahil Ordu and Boztepe
• The famous Pasoglu mansion and the historical monuments inside it (Ethnography Museum)
• Tashbashi and Byzantium Church
• Excursion in Fatsa area and Bulaman Castle
• Lalali wooden mosque and Atiq mosque
• Osman Pasha fountain in the center of the city
• Ulugol, a lake in the mouth of a volcano
• Visiting the most extended stream in Türkiye in Kamas
• Boztepe roller coaster
• Watch the sunset at Cape Jason Peninsula
• Old houses in the city center
• Sagara chocolate factory
• And…

A Building in Ordu

Shopping in Ordu City

Ordu City has many local markets where you can buy local products. One of the famous Ordu products is chestnut honey and tea. It would be best to look for strawberries, cornbread, jam, and molasses.
If you are looking for a modern purchase, don’t worry! You can enjoy buying international and up-to-date brands by going to the Nevada shopping center in the center of Ordu City.

Ordu city festivals

• Chambasi Snow Festival in January
• Seventh holidays in May
• Kite festival in May
• Aybastı Perşembe Plateau Festival in June

Don’t miss a one-day trip to Yonia!

On the Samsun road is a town called Unye, 77 km west of Ordu, a charming fishing village. This city has clean and beautiful beaches, peaceful nature, vast hazelnut fields, Roman tombs carved in the rocks, and other wonders of this small area. Also, the Town Hall building, considered one of the outstanding works of 18th-century architecture in Turkey, is located in this city.

At the same time, the castle of Ione, built on a steep hill on the road between Ione and Niksar, is located in this area. The tomb of Yunus Amre, the great Turkish poet, is also located in this area. It goes without saying that the Otamis waterfall, the largest waterfall in the Black Sea region at approximately 30 meters in height, is located in a village of the same name in the city of Yonia!

When is the best time to visit Ordu?

Although Ordu is located on the southern shores of the Black Sea, its climate has a high potential for rainfall. Therefore, we suggest you visit the camp in late spring or summer when the rainfall is at its lowest

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