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Catching Waves: Surfing Adventures in Izmir's Coastal Waters

The best surfing seasons and places in Izmir

Windsurfing is one of the rare activities that creates a sense of freedom and adventure in you both as a water sport and as a nature tourism sport.

Months: October / May

A woman surfing in izmir water

Urla / Alaçatı

In Turkey, which is surrounded by seas on three sides, there are many areas for surfing. However, Alaçatı in Izmir is the most famous place among them and has an extraordinary bay for surfing. That is why the most prominent international surfing competitions are held in Alacati. Thousands of people learn to surf, participate in these competitions yearly, and come to Alaçatı for recreational purposes.


The natural harbor of Alaçatı, with its smooth sea despite the strong wind, is constantly seen as one of the most suitable areas for surfing in the world. It is possible to see surfers from around the world here during the wind season from May to October. The sea water is relatively shallow, the wind blows from the north from mid-June to mid-September, and the waves form more from the south in April and October, making this exciting bay safe and private. The fact that the current is in the same direction as the wind provides comfortable conditions for surfers. Alacati is undoubtedly the most reliable area among the areas with northerly winds. Although the prevailing wind is in the northern region, Meltem, Lodos, Poyraz, and Grenes winds are also seen throughout the year.

Alaçatı is a good training place for beginners; some schools offer surfing lessons here

In Izmir, in addition to Alacati, windsurfing and kitesurfing are available in Çeşme, Dikili-Çandarlı, Seferihisar, Menderes and Urla-Içmeler-Guzelbahçe areas. Every year, at the beginning of the tourism season, the areas where these sports are held are determined and published by the Izmir province administration.

A man kite riding in the sea

Kite riding

Alaçatı, the first place that comes to mind when surfing is mentioned in Turkey for many years, is also one of the most popular places in Turkey for kite riding. Alaçatı, one of the most popular vacation spots in the Aegean Sea with its unique texture and natural beauty, offers many opportunities to surfers of all levels with favorable wind and weather conditions. With its sandy terrain, shallow waters, and year-round winds, Alaçatı offers a unique kiteboarding experience. It is guaranteed a great vacation with delicious food and many entertainment options!

Inseparable twins: Alaçatı and surfing

Alaçatı’s real fame is its wind and beach, considered the number one choice for surfers. Alaçatı sea beach is located at a distance of 200-300 meters from the sandy beach; especially for amateur surfers, Alaçatı is considered a unique beach. Recently, the number of surfing centers in Alaçati has increased. Thousands of domestic and foreign people are taught to surf in this area for a fixed price every year. If you are ambitious and adventurous, hours of training against the strong wind of Alaçatı may be pleasant for you.

A woman with yellow T-shirt take board to the sea

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