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Step into the exhilarating world of sports in Izmir and Turkey through our comprehensive sports events archives. From thrilling football matches and intense basketball showdowns to exhilarating sailing regattas and prestigious tennis tournaments, explore the rich tapestry of athletic competitions that define the sporting landscape of Izmir and Turkey. Delve into the triumphs, rivalries, and unforgettable moments that have captivated audiences and inspired athletes across the nation. Whether you’re a fervent fan or a curious observer, our archive offers a gateway to the dynamic and diverse realm of sports in this vibrant region.

  • Diving in Izmir

    Diving in Izmir

    Diving is called Dalış in Turkish. The great leader of Turkey, Atatürk, said that Going to the sea is the…

  • Surfing in Izmir

    Surfing in Izmir

    The best surfing seasons and places in Izmir Windsurfing is one of the rare activities that creates a sense of…

  • Shooting sports in Izmir

    Shooting sports in Izmir

    List of shooting halls in Izmir with location Shooting is a sport that aims to shoot the target in the…

  • Horse Riding in Izmir

    Horse Riding in Izmir

    Introducing horse riding clubs and clubs in Izmir Apart from the fact that horse riding is the tradition of our…

  • Skating Rink in Izmir

    Skating Rink in Izmir

    Izmir Bostanli Skate Park Türkiye’s Largest Skating Rink in Izmir, Bostanli Skating Rink The designers of Bostanli Skate Park in…

  • Izmir Marathon Sports

    Izmir Marathon Sports

    The fourth course of the Izmir Marathon competition We saw great excitement in two Izmir marathons. Meanwhile, Mehmet Moharram Kasapoglu,…

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