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Horse Riding in Izmir

Exploring Horse Riding in Izmir

Introducing horse riding clubs and clubs in Izmir

Apart from the fact that horse riding is the tradition of our ancestors, it is as if we feel it is in our genes and cannot ignore it. Horse riding is the most beautiful sport that exercises the human body, relaxes the soul, and fulfills the need for nature. There are beautiful riding clubs in Izmir (provided you want to ride a horse); some are considered the best riding clubs in Turkey.

Horse riding club in izmir

Reçine At Çiftliği

Reçine horse farm in Bornova, Izmir

At Raçine Horse Farm in Bornova, Homer Valley, you can spend a day with horses and nature, away from the city’s noise and in the natural life. In addition to Mustang, Arabian, and Haflinger horses, there are ponies on the farm, and horse riding lessons are given to horse lovers of all ages. The ranch also offers horseback riding, horse safaris, and horse therapy.

Homeros Vadisi, Çamiçi Cd. No: 4, 35040 Çamiçi Köyü, Bornova/İzmir, Turkey

Menje horse farm in Urla

Manej Urla

Menje horse farm in Urla, Izmir – Riding club

Manej Urla, a family farm in the village of Kuşçular Urla, has a restaurant, a workshop, a riding club in Izmir, and a hotel.

Manej Urla, Kuşçular Mah, 8028. Sk. No: 22, 35437 Urla/İzmir, Turkey

Contact Phone: 05320559313

Equine Horse Riding Club

Equine Horse Riding Club

Izmir Valley Bay Equine Horse Riding Club

B.Equine equestrian facilities established on a land of fourteen thousand meters, including the walker where the horses walk daily, and open and closed mange according to international standards. The center also has a pool for dressage horses for the first time in Turkey. In this riding training center in Izmir, all age groups are given by expert trainers with trained riding horses from Germany and the Netherlands. There is a 4-room pet-friendly hotel on the property. You can also stay at the hotel with your little friends.

Sahilevleri Mahallesi, Kale Sk. No: 83, 35320 Narlıdere/İzmir, Turkey

Ege Atlı Spor Kulübü

International Equestrian Club of Ghazi Amir Izmir – Hippotherapy treatment for the physically and mentally disabled

A club that has managed with the necessary standards to hold international competitions. With trained and well-groomed horses and experienced coaching staff, it offers riding and dressage training at all levels. Apart from Izmir horse riding tours with ponies, the club also provides hippotherapy treatment for the physically and mentally disabled.

Oğlananası Atatürk Mahallesi, Gaziemir kısık yolu üzeri 7 km, 35470 Menderes/İzmir, Turkey

İzmir Atlı Spor Kulübü

İzmir Atlı Spor Kulübü

Buja Equestrian Club of Izmir

This club offers courses and private classes suitable for all age groups. This center provides horse riding training in Izmir and organizes national Izmir competitions. There is also a pony club for children at the facility.

Fırat Mahallesi, Uğur Mumcu Cad. No:126, 35380 Buca/İzmir, Turkey

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