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Attractive Places to Visit in Duzce Turkey

Best Places to Visit Duzce, Turkey

Duzce City, Türkiye

Duzce is a city in the Black Sea region of Türkiye, which stands out for its historical and natural beauty. With its rich cultural heritage, impressive natural scenery, and various activity opportunities, Duzce offers travelers an unforgettable experience. It is surrounded by natural beauty and an ideal route for hiking and nature sports enthusiasts.

For those who want to try the unique flavors of Duzce, the local markets and restaurants offer a culinary adventure. This city is significant in terms of cultural tourism.

Map of the city of Duzce, Türkiye, and its climate

Duzce is a city northwest of Türkiye and has a mild yearly climate. In summers, the temperature usually varies between 20-30°C; in winters, it is generally in the range of 5-15°C.

Rainfall is more abundant in winter, and it may snow. In general, Duzce’s climate is suitable for tourism and accommodation, and most people like it as a holiday destination.

Map of the city of Duzce, Türkiye, and its climate

The distance between Duzce and Istanbul is about 870 km. This distance may vary based on the route used, the amount of traffic and road conditions.

Tourist attractions of Duzce city, Türkiye

Tourist attractions of Duzce city, Türkiye

Historical monuments of Duzce city

Ceneviz Castle

Ceneviz Castle is located in the Hacı Yusuflar district in the Akcakoja district of Doce. With its natural beauty and historical texture, this castle is one of the most famous buildings in the city. The Genoese built it in an area higher than the sea and has a breathtaking sea view.

Recreational areas around the castle allow you to have a pleasant picnic. There are also beaches on both sides of the castle where you can swim. When you travel to this area, you can learn about its history and have a wonderful day amid its natural beauty.

Konuralp Museum

Konveralp Museum is located in the center of Doce city. Many historical ruins in the region have remained from the ancient town of Prusias Ad Hypium until today. A museum was built in the area 1372 to protect these ruins and historical works. This museum welcomes visitors daily except Mondays from 10 am to 5:30 pm.

The works in this museum include coins, archaeological works, ethnographic works, local clothes, and weapons. In addition, many historical artifacts from the Neolithic, Ancient Rome, and Bronze Age are displayed in this museum. The museum’s garden has important historical statues, such as the Tichy and Orpheus mosaic.

Hemşin Mosque (Hemşin Cami)

Hemşin Mosque (Hemşin Cami)

Hamshin Mosque is one of the important historical monuments of Duzce city, which is in the heart of nature. It was built by the Hamshin people in 1877. The entrance floor of the mosque, which consists of two floors, is made of stone. The quality of the building, especially its roof, is magnificent.

Ancient theater

The ancient theater, built during the Roman Empire, is one of the city’s essential historical structures. This building, known as the Konuralp Ancient Theater, contains artifacts from the Kingdom of Prussia. The theater has a capacity of approximately 10,000 people. When you come to the city, you must see the magnificent appearance of the building, which attracts attention.

Ahmed Dede’s tomb

Ahmed Dede Tomb is another historical monument worth visiting in this city. It is located next to a stream that attracts attention with its unique appearance. Around the tomb, you can see hundreds of year-old plane trees. In addition, while visiting the mausoleum, you can see the ruins of a historic mosque and a historic stone bath.

Evliya Mosque

The city of Duzce has many historical and essential mosques, such as Orhan Gazi Mosque, nicknamed Friday Mosque, Tapkoi Mosque, Jamairi Wooden Mosque, Sarichukak Village Mosque, etc., all of which have high historical and architectural value and are worth seeing, but among Mosques of the city of Duzce, the mosque of Olya can be considered as the most crucial historical mosque of this city. This mosque was built where Ahmed Dede’s tomb is located, using the technique without nails. You should add the mosque, which attracts the attention of every tourist with its unique architectural features, to your list of historical places in Duzce. This mosque is used as a place of worship today.

Horse gate

The Horse Gate is a historical gate on the road leading to the ancient theater. The street where this gate is located has the same name. A local stone called Linto is used in this gate, and the horse’s shape on the stone is imposing. There is also an inscription consisting of Greek writings on the stone.

Natural attractions of Duzce City

Guzeldare waterfall

Guzeldare waterfall attracts everyone with its emerald green nature and roaring waters. The water flows from a height of 120 meters, and the environment covered with green trees makes you feel like you are in paradise. The waterfall on the Bichki stream, which passes through the village of Gozledara, creates a magnificent view that flows enthusiastically among the beech and mummer trees.

Efteni Lake

Aftani Lake, located on the migration route of water birds, presents a magnificent view. Almost 150 species of birds are protected here by national parks. Next to this area, there is a hot spring where migratory birds visit. The healing waters here are helpful for skin, stomach, and rheumatism diseases.


Akçakoca appears to be one of the most beautiful corners of the Black Sea. Akchakoja is a lovely holiday destination where shades of green and blue blend most beautifully.

Akcakoja, with its healing sand and blue beaches, is an excellent alternative for those thinking of a sea vacation, especially in July and August when the weather is hot. You can come to this beautiful corner of the Black Sea and enjoy the sea and the sun.

Fakillı Cave

Fakıllı Cave is one of the famous places in Duzce. The cave air is believed to be good for asthma and shortness of breath. Also, the area around the cave is a beautiful place for picnics and excursions with family and friends.

Korogol Natural Park

This pond, formed by the surrounding water sources, is surrounded by lush pine trees. You can visit it for a day and have a pleasant picnic. Hunting is prohibited because this area is used as a pheasant breeding area. Korogol was registered as a recreational area in 2004 and a natural park in 2011.

Photography, fishing, sports activities, camping, etc., are activities that you can do in this park.

Topok plateau and pond

When you go to Topok Plateau Lake, you will feel fabulous in front of its unique nature. You can take a pleasant walk along the shore of the lake, which has stunning views, and smell the pine forests on the plateaus, sometimes reaching 2000 meters. In addition, fish species such as mirror carp, carp, and yellow bream live here, and fishing is also possible in this area.

Torkol pond

If you are looking for a relaxed environment, especially on hot summer days, Torkol Lake should be your choice. You can have a picnic, fish, photograph, camp, etc., in this lake formed by volcanic eruptions.

The ancient city of Prussia and Hippium

The ancient city of Prussia and Hippium

The ancient city of Prusias Ad Hypium is one of Doce’s historical and cultural treasures, located in the city’s center. According to ancient historians, this place was known as the homeland of the Thracian people between 1200 and 700 BC and was first established under Cyrus. Later, this city was conquered in 183 by the king of Bithynia, Prusias I, and was known as Prusias ad Hippium.

The ancient city of Prusias Ad Hypium has become one of the must-see destinations in Duzce because it offers visitors an unforgettable experience with its historical and natural beauty. The structures here are the theater, Etlikapi, Kamerkasim aqueducts, and the Roman bridge.

Melen Stream

The Melen stream originates from the borders of Duzce province and flows for 60 kilometers into the Black Sea from the area known as Dhan Melen. Melen Stream is famous because it is the safest and most popular boating route in Türkiye. If you want to add adrenaline to your trip, I suggest you visit Melen Currents and enjoy boating.

Aydin Pinar waterfall

Aydin Pinar Falls consists of 5 separate waterfalls that attract many tourists yearly. It is an excellent place for family and is a friendly campsite.

Aktash waterfall

Duzce Aktash waterfall is located in the Black Sea region, which attracts those who see it with its natural beauty. This waterfall is located in Aktash village in the Akchakoja region. It falls from approximately 50 meters and presents beautiful views and surrounding vegetation.

Aktash waterfall is also a place with great hiking trails. There is a 700-meter-long walking path to the waterfall, and wooden bridges, stream banks, and various plants can be seen there. An unforgettable place for nature lovers and adventurers, Aktash Waterfall has recently attracted the attention of foreign tourists and guests from nearby provinces.

3 of the best hotels in Duzce City

3 of the best hotels in Duzce City

Fenerbahce Serkan Acar Resort & Sport Topuk Yaylasi

Yes, “The Fenerbahce Serkan Acar Resort & Sport Topuk Yaylasi” hotel is one of the most popular hotels located in the Doceh region in Turkey. This hotel has various facilities and services, including comfortable and modern rooms, restaurants with multiple menus, outdoor or indoor pools, internet service, and different sports activities. This hotel is known as a leading destination for travelers looking for a relaxing and enjoyable experience in the beautiful nature of Duzce.

Hotel Almina Park

The hotel offers comfortable and well-equipped rooms for a relaxing stay. The rooms are beautifully furnished and equipped with modern amenities to ensure a pleasant experience for the guests. Whether traveling alone, as a couple, or with your family, various room types suit different preferences and needs.

Gosterisli Hotel

Ghostrisli Hotel is a family-run hotel with a minibar and air conditioning in the rooms. It is easy to stay connected during your stay, as free Wi-Fi is offered to guests. This hotel has a 24-hour front desk, room service, and newspapers. Guests can enjoy complimentary breakfast, making this a popular choice among Doce travelers. Free parking is available for guests with vehicles.

Small Boats in the sea of Duzce city

The best time to visit Duzce

Duzce is an excellent destination for nature and history lovers. The city has a humid subtropical and oceanic climate and experiences cold and sometimes snowy winters and hot summers. Therefore, the best time to travel to Duzce can be considered spring and autumn.

Of course, all tourist attractions in Duzce provide services to visitors and tourists throughout the year, and it is interesting to know that visiting most of the attractions in this city is free!

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