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Gümüşhaneh City in Turkey

Gümüşhaneh City in the Black Sea region of Türkiye

Acquaintance with Turkish Gümüşhaneh

Gümüşhane is a city in the center of Gümüşhane province in the Black Sea region of Türkiye. This city is located along the Harshit River and 64 km southwest of Trabzon.

A general look at the Gümüşhaneh

Gümüşhane, which is called Gümüşhaneh or Gomushhane in Farsi, is a city in Turkey’s Black Sea region. It is located near the cities of Trabzon, Girson, Bayburt, and Erzinjan and is known for its rich mines and ancient history.

Gümüşhane has six departments, eight municipalities, and 322 villages. According to the census conducted in 2021, its population will reach 150,119 people, of which only 60% of the people of Gümüşhane live in cities.

Gümüşhane province got its name from its mineral wealth. This city is one of the important provinces of the Black Sea region in terms of mineral reserves, with 22 metal mines and 17 reserves of industrial raw materials. The main metal minerals of this region are gold, copper, and lead, which form important deposits in the region.

In addition, Gümüşhane is rich not only in metallic minerals but also in precious stones such as beryl, sapphire, tourmaline, topaz, amethyst, and agate. This province also has the industrial raw materials of cement, feldspar, clay, kaolin, limestone, and barite.

Gümüşhane, a significant settlement throughout history due to the wealth of silver and gold mines and being on the route of the historic Silk Road, has unique natural beauty, underground formations, important caves, nearly 450 plateaus, ancient cities, and park areas. Natural, indigenous plants and animals have unique tourism potential. These advantages make Gümüşhane a versatile tourist area. To travel to this lovely city, it is enough to go to Trabzon Airport, which is 100 km away from Gümüşhane, and from there go to Gümüşhane by car, taxi or bus.

The natural texture of Gümüşhaneh

Gümüşhane is surrounded by high mountains, such as Zigana and Trazabon mountains in the north, Chiman mountains in the south, Girson and Polur mountains in the west, and Sohanli mountains in the east. Mountains make up approximately 56% of the area of Gümüşhane; hence, mountaineering is one of the popular sports among the people of this region.

Mount Zigana has a ski center and is a well-known tourist destination for winter sports. There are many pine and spruce forests in this area, which is the habitat of many native animals and birds.

In addition, many lakes can be found on the peaks of these mountains, which are also good destinations for tourism. Lakes Karanlık Göl, Bes Göller, Artebel Gölü, Kara Göller, etc., are among the popular and famous lakes of Gümüşhane, which are located at the top of Gavurdağı mountain and are preserved as natural parks.

The natural texture of Gümüşhaneh

12 tourist attractions of Gümüşhaneh that you must visit

  • Karaca Cave
  • Tomara Waterfall Natural Park (Tomara Şelalesi Tabiat Parkı)
  • Limni Lake Natural Park (Limni Gölü Tabiat Parkı)
  • Torul
  • Torul Glass Observation Terrace
  • Taşköprü Yaylası Plateau
  • İkizevler Kent Müzesi
  • Artabel Lakes Natural Park (Artabel Gölleri Tabiat Parkı)
  • Spider Forest (Örümcek Ormanı Tabiatı Koruma Alanı)
  • Kov Kalesi Castle
  • Ancient city of Satala (Sadak) (Satala (Sadak) Antik Kenti)
  • Çağlayandibi Waterfall Natural Park (Çağlayandibi Şelalesi Tabiat Parkı)

Gümüşhaneh caves and their tourist attractions

Caves are one of the most visited places in Gomooshkhane. Due to its geological features (especially the presence of limestone), Gümüşhane has many large and small caves. The most famous of these is the Karaca Fossil Cave, which is located between Gümüşhane and Turol at a height of 150 meters.

Gümüşhaneh caves that you should visit

  • Alicli Agil
  • Arili
  • Altınbaşı
  • Asaronü Ören
  • Kartalkaya
  • Ayini
  • K. Ardiçli
  • Karçukuru
  • Ardiçli
  • Tepekli
  • Uçbacalı
  • Buz
  • Ikisu

Gümüşhaneh Historical Places

Gümüşhane has a rich historical background, so this city has many historical places, such as mosques, churches, castles, etc. If, for example, the ancient city of Satala, which is located in Sadak village today and was the most important military camp of the ancient Roman Empire in the east, is considered one of the attractions of the Gümüşhaneh region, which the Ministry of Culture and Tourism protects.

In addition, the Sulaymaniyah Mosque, built by the order of the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Great, is considered one of the historical mosques of Gümüşhane. Kuchuk Mosque and Chit Village Mosque are other famous mosques in this city. In addition, there are several churches in Gümüşhaneh. Santa Çakallı, Santa Terzili, Kalur Rock, Samamoni, and Theodor churches are examples of historical and old churches in Gümüşhaneh.

Weather in Gümüşhaneh

Gümüşhaneh has a humid continental climate with cold and snowy winters and hot summers. In the peak of summer (i.e., July and August), the temperature at noon usually exceeds 28 degrees Celsius, and due to the continental climate, its nights are very cool. In winter, the temperature usually drops to -10 degrees Celsius, although sometimes it can reach -20 degrees Celsius.

  • The best hotels to stay in Gümüşhaneh
  • Ramada by Wyndham Gumushane
  • Grand Yeniçeri
  • Cimenler Otel
  • Yeni Gümüş Otel
  • Harşit Otel

Gümüşhane Local Dishes

Gümüşhane Local Dishes

Gümüşhaneh people attach great importance to food. Every year, various food festivals are held in Gümüşhane, and many local tourists participate in these festivals to enjoy buying delicious regional foods and entertainment. Pestil and Köme are among the popular Gümüşkhane desserts, which are among the famous Gümüşhane desserts and are made from berries, honey, hazelnuts, walnuts and milk.

In addition to Pestil and Köme, red flower, walnut apple, etc., are significant local desserts that are among the unique dishes of the Gümüşhane region. Also, the city’s rich food culture is not limited to sweets: manti, limes, Berichte, brain, koimek, volk, dalmatic, and Aaron are among the delicious local dishes of Gümüşhane.

Where should we eat in Gomushkhana?

  • Ataç Konağı
  • Yaba Mantı
  • Lale Lokantası
  • Zigana Zehir Huseyin Tesisleri
  • Beylerbeyi Çorba
  • Ardasa Siron Kebabi
  • Beyzade Et & Mangal Restaurant
  • Ozdenoglu Konagi
  •  Çiğköfteci Ömer Usta
  •  Şehzade Döner Kebap
  • Balyemez Konagi
  •  Sevenin Yeri
  • Pilove Üstü
  • Sakli Bahçe
  • Gunsaray Restaurant
  • Komagene

Studying at the famous Gümüşhaneh University

Studying at the famous Gümüşhaneh University

Gümüşhane University is a public university separated from Karadeniz Technical University on May 31, 2008. It was established in Gümüşhane, Turkey, and quickly became one of the most famous universities in Turkey. This university accepts students with associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees.

The language of study at Gümüşhaneh University of Türkiye is Turkish. But if you don’t have a language degree, don’t worry—this university will hold a language course for you in the first semester. Gümüşhane University has seven faculties, two schools, ten vocational schools, and one institute. It also provides facilities such as a library, dormitory, bank, medical services, food and drinks, sports facilities, etc. for students.


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