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Key Izmir Automobile Museum

Türkiye's Largest Car Museum and Exhibition Museum of IZMIR | Izmir Times

Key Izmir Automobile Museum

The Key Museum of Izmir is the largest classic car museum in Turkey and one of the most famous museums in the country, which is an essential place for world museology. The primary collection of this museum consists of 76 cars and 40 classic motorcycles. In addition to cars and motorcycles, there are over 3,000 models of cars in various scales, 300 hood badges, examples of tractors, car parts from the early 1900s to the 1960s, car tents, many scarves with There are car designs, logos of prominent automobile companies, unique car tents, etc. inside this museum.

The first part of this museum is dedicated to various exhibitions and galleries that will help you learn more about the development of the automobile industry in different periods.

Also, inside this museum, an example of the first gas station of Shell, one of the most substantial companies in the field of car fuel in 1950, is displayed.

Two of the highlights of this collection are the Batmobile and the Bat Cycle from the movie Batman, which have substantial financial value. These two motorcycles, built in 1966, are among the most expensive works in this museum.

Key Izmir Automobile Museum

History of Izmir Car Museum

Key Museum, a paradise for classic car and motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide, was opened on May 6, 2015, in Torbali, Izmir, with an area of approximately 7,000 meters. It has been certified for two consecutive years due to the positive feedback from visitors. It received an award from TripAdvisor and is ranked second in the list of “Sightseeing places in Izmir.”

This museum is a complete collection of the first cars built in 1886, the first models of famous car brands such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, Cadillac, and Ford, classic engines, etc., which the Özgörkey brothers created. Murad and Salim Ozgorki have collected since 2001. Some of these cars have been restored with the help of professional groups. Some of the vehicles in the museum are over a hundred years old, but we can clearly say that they are in the best possible condition in terms of quality.

Since its inception, the museum has become a destination for car enthusiasts and those interested in learning about world history through the lens of a car.

What are the museum’s working hours?

Izmir Automobile Museum (Key) welcomes visitors every day of the week except Monday and Tuesday, and you can go to this museum from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Ticket price and entry conditions to the Izmir Car Museum (Key Museum)
The cost of the entrance ticket to the museum is generally 20 lira per person. This price is 10 liras for students, students, and people over 65 years old, and the ticket for people under six years old and disabled people with a companion is free. Also, museum cardholders can get a 15% discount on tickets.

Old bicycle in car key museum in izmir city

What other things are exhibited in the Izmir (Key) car museum?

It should also be noted that in Izmir Key (Key) Museum, in addition to all the mentioned items, the private chess collection “Murat zgörkey,” which includes 400 chess sets with different topics, is exhibited, which is available to all people in any Age has a unique attraction.

Where is the Museum of Izmir?

Muzi Kalid Izmir is located in the Chapak neighborhood, 25-20 minutes from Adnan Menderes Airport and 30 minutes from Izmir city center. To go to the Izmir Key Museum, first go to the Torbali area and then take the route of Özgüki St. and finally enter the Capak neighborhood. If you do not know the way well, use Google Maps to find the museum’s location better.

Address of Izmir Car Museum:

Çapak Mah, Özgörkey Cd. No:5, 35860 Torbalı/İzmir
Contact Phone: 02328503535

picture of the woman in car key museum in izmir

The fastest way to access Izmir Key Museum

If you want to go to the Key Museum by public transportation, the best and fastest way to get there is to use the Izmir city train or Izban. Using the Tepe Kui – Jomavasi line, get off at the Tepe Kui station, and then you can go to the Kay Museum of Izmir by bus or minibus.

• Take Izban (city train) to Ednan Mandari Station (Izmir Airport), and from there, take a train to Torbali, take bus 722 to Camel, and then follow the route from the above location to the exhibition.
• Buses 701 and 712 also go to this museum from Torbali
You can reach this museum from the city center by car or taxi.

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