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Exploring the Depths: Diving Adventures in Izmir

Diving is called Dalış in Turkish.

The great leader of Turkey, Atatürk, said that Going to the sea is the motto of civilization.

The best places and centers for diving and diving training in Izmir, Türkiye

Who does not like to see the blue depths of the Aegean Sea? Maybe you wished for it for years; perhaps it happened. Regardless of how passionate we are about swimming with sunglasses, we want to introduce you to the opportunities of diving in the unique waters of the Aegean Sea. Consider all your question marks about diving, and look at the list of diving centers we have prepared for you…

Girl Swimming in Izmir Sea

Karaburun / Mavi Dalış Diving Center

Mavi Dalış invites you to do the diving activity you have dreamed of for years. According to the rule set by the Turkish Underwater Sports Federation, the applicant first takes a test dive for safe diving and is not allowed to go deeper than 5 meters. There are no prerequisites for diving. Apart from test diving.

Diving training courses in Izmir

Issuance of international diving certificates

  • CMAS 1 diving course
  • CMAS 2 diving course
  • CMAS 3 diving course
  • Sports diving course

While diving to 18 meters on the CMAS 1, this goes up to 42 meters on the CMAS 2. For CMAS 3, you must be a professional and have at least 75 certified dives.

Serenad Dalış Merkezi diving center

Serenad Diving Center has diving centers in Seferihisar and Sığacık, Izmir, ready to introduce you to underwater beauty. This diving center is equipped with high-standard equipment and a 6.5-meter speedboat. TSSF/CMAS and SSI Scuba Schools international certification programs give you an opportunity if you are serious about doing this.

Diving certificates are divided into two categories:

  • Diving center certificate
  • Instructor’s certificate

TSSF/CMAS – SSI Scuba Schools International

Diver takes picture of turtle in sea

Other opportunities offered by Serenad Diving Center are as follows: daily diving tours, underwater photography and videography, diving organizations, and equipment sales. There is also additional information, such as second-hand equipment sales, for those interested.

Focha Diving Center in Izmir

Diving in the world is done in three ways: experimental, educational, and recreational. You can find them all at the Foça Diving Center. The courses that await you at Fucha Diving Center are as follows: CMAS/TSSF diving courses, PADI diving courses, swimming courses, and lifeguarding courses.

You can take a test dive up to a depth of 5 meters without training by paying a certain amount.

You can do a training dive in a group or alone if you participate. Groups can be a maximum of 5 people. Training courses are held in groups of 4 people. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to swim; every person who doesn’t learn to swim learns to swim in an average of 5 hours.


Ege Octopus Dalış Merkezi Diving Training Center

Free service for those who register for the training course

Ege Octopus Dive Center offers CMAS and SSI (Scuba Diving) courses like many other dive centers. If you’re into this kind of adventure to try it out, not as a professional, test diving is perfect for you.

Test diving for 30 minutes. It starts with information about the underwater world; you will be taught how to use the equipment, including the diving suit, and after leading the underwater signs, the instructor will introduce you to the fishes underwater, and you can take photos of their beauty.

Efes Izmir Diving Center

Diving spots of Efes diving center, serving in Kara Brun with more than 20 years of experience in the areas of Fener Burnu, Küçük Ada, Büyük Ada, Küçük Rif, this center has CMAS courses.

Diving levels in Efes Diving Center

  • Diving a star
  • Two-star diving
  • Three-star diving

The minimum age is 14 years for one-star diving, 15 years for two-star diving, and 18 years for three-star diving.

 The feature that distinguishes this diving center from others is that it has a hotel and restaurant section.

Teos Divers Diving Center

Teos Divers, distinguished by its proximity to Adnan Menderes Airport, is only 45 minutes away.

This diving center offers training in the PADI and CMAS certification systems and training opportunities in English, French, German, and Turkish. It also provides an excellent opportunity for tourists to take a test dive.

Teos Divers Diving Center

Tourist diving in Izmir

The 36-person diving boat Tyus is available for diving twice daily at 10:00 and 14:30, offering non-diving guests the opportunity to enjoy boat tours and snorkeling.

Crazy Blue Diving School in Izmir

Crazy Blue Diving School offers discounts for trial diving from time to time and serves underwater enthusiasts with 30 minutes of diving at a depth of 5 meters. While diving is done individually with instructors, you can get a Try Scuba card from Crazy Blue Dive Center.

Koçoğlu Diving Center in Izmir

Koçoğlu Diving Center, which has been operating since 1953, started using in 1995 in the Altın Yunus tourism facility. There is a beach and a small bay inside Altın Yunus tourist facilities. One of Koçoğlu Diving Center’s most attractive features is its underwater backgammon tournaments.

Birthday party and marriage proposal underwater in Izmir

Underwater birthday parties, marriage proposals, and events that make your special moments unforgettable are also organized. The diving spots are Yatak Odası, Ayrık Taş, No name, Ildır Fener Adası, Topuk, Orkinos Çiftliği ve Englis Adası.

In addition, Koçoğlu Diving Center also serves disabled citizens.

Underwater marriage proposal movie in Izmir

Underwater marriage proposal movie in Izmir

Underwater marriage proposal movie in Izmir

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