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Exploring Izmir's Rich Coastal Waters: The Thrill of Fishing Adventures

Which areas should we prefer for fishing on the coast of Izmir?

The epidemic of the modern world, drowning in mathematics and anxiety, makes life even more unbearable. At the end of the road, those who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life reach the sea. Boat tours, the most popular summer vacation destination for years, save people from this modern world’s negative energy and stress.

You can spend unforgettable time with your loved ones on Izmir boat tours, which are the most suitable way to discover the heavenly villages of Izmir and enjoy the fishing experience there.

Fishing in small boat in the sea

Izmir boat tours are the best choice for those who have sea vacations and fishing enthusiasts. You can dive into the blue seas with your loved ones in a friendly and healthy environment, without any disturbance, and leave the noise and stress of the city behind. Here are some tips for you to enjoy fishing in the fertile bays of Izmir.

Izmir’s fish-rich bays

The biggest attraction for amateur fishermen is the coastline of Izmir. One of the most critical factors is the abundance of fish species and the beauty of fishing areas. When these two factors are combined, there is no obstacle to the happiness of fishing enthusiasts. Correct positioning and skillful fishing guides pave the way for plenty of anglers to catch a week’s worth of fish in one day from Izmir. The Bay of Izmir, where many Aegean fish are caught, is abundantly favored by the Turkish fishing industry and amateur fishermen.

Woman take a rest near the beach

The fishing beaches of Izmir, Chili, and Guzel Baghche can be mentioned for the inner bay (inside the city of Izmir) and Karaborun and Fuca for the outer bay and outside the city of Izmir. There are differences between these two regions in terms of wind strength. In the inner bay, the location of the mountains prevents the wind from blowing, so the sea area is calmer. In the distance between Karabron and Focha, the situation is reversed.

The main fishing spots of Izmir beaches:

  • Aliağa (Ali Agha region of Izmir)
  • Dikili (Dikili region of Izmir)
  • Karaburun (Karaburun region of Izmir)
  • Kordon (Kordon neighborhood of Izmir)
  • Foça (Foça district of Izmir)
  • Çandarlı (Candarlı neighborhood in Ali Afa, Izmir)
  • Çeşme (Izmir spring area)
  • Ahmetbeyli (Ahmetbeyli neighborhood in Menderes Izmir)
  • Güzelbahçe
  • Özdere (Ozdere neighborhood in Menderes, Izmir)
  • Mordoğan (Mordoğan neighborhood in Karaburun, Izmir)
  • Gümuldür (Gumuldur neighborhood in Menderes Izmir)
  • Seferihisar (Hisar travel area of Izmir)
  • Karşıyaka (Karşıyaka district of Izmir)
  • Tuzla (Istanbul)
  • Terence & Zeytineli
  • Urla boat tour (Urla region of Hisar, Izmir)
  • Çeşmealtı Boat Tour (Çanakkale)

the most suitable bait and equipment for fishing in Izmir

If you’ve reached the perfect spot for fishing, it’s time to give your back a break. Because the fish don’t keep you waiting, you may not know when they will be hooked. This is where the importance of proper equipment and type of bait becomes apparent. Many details, from the thickness of the thread to its color, from the length of the fishing line to its material, are essential in fishing. Fishermen prefer their lines to be invisible under the sea. This is important because the more we protect the natural environment of the sea, the greater the chance of successful hunting.

The most invisible thread is known as the fluorocarbon thread. The quality and attractiveness of the bait at the end of this line make fishing more accessible and enjoyable. Different baits are used for marine fish and freshwater fish. So, in the Aegean, you should carry the bait that the Aegean fish prefer in your bag. These baits include live baits, whole dead fish, leech baits, slap baits, squids, oysters, and shrimp. Before this, don’t forget to bring a fish basket, water, a water bucket to keep the fish, a fishing net, a fishing rod, and a hook, the most basic fishing equipment.

Equipment needed for Fishing in Izmir

Fishing in Izmir is much more blessed by boat.

Sea fishing from a boat has many advantages. When you are away from the land, you leave the pollution and noise of the city behind you; fishing becomes a different pleasure. Apart from the experience that soothes your soul, you should also know the advantages of a boat for fishing. A ship in the sea leaves no room for you to wait for the fish to come to you. If you’re trying to fish from the shore, the farther you cast the line, the better chance you have of catching, but in boat fishing, you can go to areas where you know the fish are more prolific and have a better chance of seeing them. Catching fish that swim against the current is also part of the theme.

In this sense, it is helpful to know the places where the flow is good. Because especially if you know the underground currents and their direction, the probability of increasing the fertility of your hunt increases. Choosing a dark bait in sunny weather increases the chances that the fish will see and catch the bait. In night hunting, fish gather where the moonlight falls, and large predatory fish rise to the surface. Fish prefer shade during the day in summer.

We start a fruitful day on the shores of Çeşme Izmir.

Cheshme is a beautiful city in the Orlay region of Izmir. This settlement, which is almost popular with fishermen, is 15-20 minutes from Izmir and 40 minutes from Manisa. On family trips or with friends, you can catch Chopra fish, coral, yellow wing fish, and many other fish, such as scallops, in different seasons. Alti Spring is a settlement with fertile fish, and its sea allows you to catch sandfish at night. As the border point of Izmir Bay, Cheshme Alti is one of the places where fish are abundant.]

Fisher Man Fishing near the Sea

Urla Islands of Izmir are also on our way.

The islands located near the shores of Urla, such as Hastane Island or Karantina Island, can even be reached by road and add pleasure to the sailing route. Yasiaja Island, Hakim Island, Uzon Ada Island, Mentesh Island, Uzbek Island, Pinarli Island, and Chichek Island are waiting for their visitors in front of Urla. Among Chichek Islands are Tash Island, Pita Island, Asheshak Adasi Island, and Adajik Island, which are all different sizes. Some islands are pure rock, while others remain undeveloped due to vegetation. Alacati beaches

Reference type of fish in the seas of Turkey:

  • Akya fish – Kuzu baligi English name Leer fish
  • Barbunya fish English name Red Mullet
  • Cipura fish is the English name of Gilthead Seabream
  • Cizgili Mercan fish is the English name for Striped Seabream
  • Cizgili Orkinos fish, the English name is Skipjack Tuna
  • Dil fish is the English name of Sole
  • Fish Dulger English name John Dory – St Pierre
  • Eskina fish – Iskina English name Brown Meagre
  • Fangri Mercan fish English name Couches Bream
  • Fener big fish is the English name for Angler fish
  • Gelincik fish English name Rockling
  • Gumus fish English name Sand smelt
  • Hamsi fish is the English name for Anchovy
  • Iskorpit fish is the English name for Brown Scorpionfish
  • Ispari fish English name Annular Bream
  • Istavrit fish English name Horse Mackerel – Scad
  • Izmarit fish English name Pickerel
  • Kalkan fish English name Turbut
  • Karagoz fish English name Spottail – Common two-banded Seabream
  • Kaya baligi fish English name Rock Goby
  • Fish Kayis big English name, Snake Blenny
  • Kefal fish English name Flathead Mullet
  • Keler fish English name Monkfish – Angelshark
  • Kilic fish is the English name for Swordfish
  • Kirlangic fish English name Red Searobin – Gurnard
  • Kirma Mercan English name Axillary Sea Bream
  • Kolyoz fish English name Chub Mackerel – Spanish Mackerel
  • Fish Kopekbaligi, English name Shark
  • Kupez fish – Altinkusak English name Bogue
  • Lapin fish English name Green Wrasse
  • Lekeli Mercan fish – Mandagoz Mercan English name Blackspot Seabream
  • Fish Lahoz (Lagos) – Girida English name White Grouper
  • Levrek fish is the English name for Sea bass
  • Lipsos fish is the English name for Scorpionfish
  • Lufer fish is the English name for Bluefish
  • Mercan fish is the English name for Red Seabream
  • Fish Mersin is a prominent English name for Sturgeon
  • Mezgit fish, English name Whiting
  • Fish Minakop English name Umbrine – Drum
  • Muren fish is the English name for Mediterranean Moray
  • Orfoz fish English name Grouper
  • Palamut fish – Torik English name Bonito
  • Fish Pisi is a famous English name for Flounder
  • Sardalya fish English name Sardine – Pilchard
  • Sinarit fish English name Common Dentex
  • Tekir fish English name Striped Red Mullet
  • Ucan balik fish is the English name for Flying fish
  • Uskumru fish English name Mackerel
  • Yilan baligi fish English name Eel
  • Zargana fish English name Garfish – Needlefish
  • English name fish
  • Freshwater fish English name
  • Aynali Sazan fish English name Common Carp
  • Dag Alabaligi fish is the English name for Mountain Trout
  • Dere Alabaligi fish English name Speckled (River) Trout
  • Dere Pisisi fish English name River Flounder
  • Gol Alabaligi fish is the English name for Lake Trout
  • The English name of Salmon is Salmon
  • Tuna fish is the English name for Northern Pike
  • Yayin fish is the English name of Wels catfish
  • English name fish
  • Fish Others English name
  • Ahtapot fish is the English name for Octopus
  • Ancuez fish is the English name for Anchovy
  • Bocek fish is the English name for European Lobster
  • Cinekop fish is the English name for smaller Bluefish
  • Ciroz fish is the English name for salted, dried mackerel
  • Defne yapragi fish is the English name for the smallest blue fish
  • Denizati fish is the English name for Sea horse
  • Istakoz is the English name for Lobster
  • Istiridye fish is the English name for Oyster
  • Kalamar fish is the English name of Squid or Calamari
  • Fish Karides English name Shrimp – Prawn
  • Kerevit fish English name Crawfish – Crayfish
  • Kofana fish is the English name for large Bluefish
  • Lakerda fish is the English name for salted tunny
  • Midye fish is the English name for Mussel
  • Murekkep baligi fish is the English name of Cuttlefish
  • Pavurya fish – Yengec English name Crab

picture of the crab near the sea

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