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Izmir Women Directors Association

Empowering Through Cinema: The Vision of Izmir Women Directors Association

Izmir Women Directors Association

The Women Directors Association, based in Izmir, Turkey, was established in February 2021 to organize the International Festival of Women Directors with a corporate identity. Due to the need for an institutional structure, the association’s initial work activities began after the third festival of women directors, and preliminary meetings were held throughout 2020. The women directors and film professionals participating in the festival were informed about the association’s initial studies throughout the year.

The main goal of Izmir Women Directors Association

The main goal of the Izmir Women’s Directors Association

  1. They are gathering female directors and filmmakers working in cinema/television under one roof and improving their cooperation with each other and with the stakeholders of this industry.
  2. Researching to activate and develop the activities of female directors in the field of cinema
  3. We are supporting the film activities of female directors in the city of Izmir, Turkey, and outside of Turkey and opening the necessary areas for activities for this purpose.
  4. Holding the International Festival of Women Managers

However, the activities organized under the association’s umbrella are not limited to the festival. The main initiative of the association is to open a space for cinema activists and new generations through other organizations such as workshops, maestro classes, panels spread throughout the year, and the activities of various non-governmental organizations for participation or financial support.

International festival of female directors

International festival of female directors

The International Festival of Female Directors aims to unite female filmmakers and working women in this industry and show more female directors and their films.

Women are still neglected in Türkiye and the world cinema industry. To open space in this dominant mentality that persists in the 21st century, the Festival of Women Directors encourages visionary and creative women directors to create new perspectives, create creative collaborations, establish support funds,, andve the way for young directors.

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The date of the festival of women directors, which is held every year in the first week of March, has been deliberately chosen in line with these goals to emphasize the importance of March 8, International Working Women’s Day.

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