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Türkiye’s Largest Skating Rink in Izmir, Bostanli Skating Rink

The designers of Bostanli Skate Park in Izmir describe this project as follows:

Bostanlı Kaykay Plaza is a project designed with all the data generated by algorithmic design tools and maybe for the first time in Turkey with local athletes and global standards.

This project is a concrete area with fluid curved surfaces and a static, functional, and visually impressive feature.

Skate, skate, and BMX park in Bostanlı, Izmir, designed by DS Architecture

The excellence of skateboarding, rollerblading, and BMX users is designed in one continuous flow. This project is done by combining standard elements in geometry and curves. Common elements, such as combinations of ramps with different slopes, stairs, bars, and plates at different heights, are designed as surfaces with variable modes. Areas with varying levels of difficulty are built in this group. The use of the active user and the visitor while resting and watching the park is designed without any separating barriers.

The infrastructural limitations of the area have been carefully studied, the park has been built as low as possible from the ground level, and the natural topography has been expanded and placed. This position has integrated the park project with the beach and the sea.

Double-curved reinforced concrete shells and the production of variable sections with 169 unique edges are seen in the project. The edges’ design, layout, coding, and coordination were done using Python script. Park slope analysis, concrete, reinforcement, plywood, and similar values obtained from the dynamic model produced by different algorithmic design tools. This style of design expedited renovations and renovations during the project process and made it easier to work on alternatives.

The Biggest Skate Park (Ramp) in Türkiye

Boston Beach redesigned and operated by Izmir City Municipality, has become a popular destination for young people, with Turkey’s largest skateboard park, sea, and exhibition venue. The 2-stage project, which cost about 40 million liras, was completed in March 2019.

Izmir Municipality, which rolled up its sleeves to renovate Bostanli beaches with an area of 70,000 meters, has completed this 2-stage project.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality opened the first part of this reconstruction in May 2018, which included the Fisherman’s Shelter and Yasmin Cafe, and the second part in September completed the last part, which had the giant skateboard park, a few months later.

The Largest Skate Park in Türkiye

The latest part of the Bastanli beach layout works innovatively to increase the area’s attractiveness and bring together citizens of all age groups. In this project, the skateboard park with an area of 4250 square meters attracts attention, where people who use wheeled sports equipment such as skateboards, scooters, and skates can develop their skills safely.

As a result of communication and joint work with skateboard athletes, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality created this project, which is prepared by international standards. This area, the biggest skate park in Turkey, can also host international competitions.

The official site of Turkish skateboarding:

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