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Izmir Mementos: Capturing Memories with Local Souvenirs

Souvenirs of the city of Izmir, Türkiye

Izmir is one of the cities of Türkiye in the Iranian neighborhood. This city is the third largest city in Turkey, after Istanbul and Ankara. Because of Izmir’s many shopping centers and tourist attractions, it hosts many tourists worldwide yearly.

In the following, after a brief introduction to the history of this city, we will introduce its famous souvenirs. If you plan to travel to this beautiful city, read this article. Next, before you submit the souvenirs of Izmir, Turkey, you should know a little about Izmir.

The city of Izmir, Türkiye over time

The origin of Izmir dates back to the third millennium BC. Historians believe that this city predates the Trova civilization. Geographically, it is located in the current Bornova region. Many ups and downs have been recorded in Izmir throughout history.

In 1500 BC, this city was captured by the Hittites, and between the 11th and 15th centuries, Izmir was governed by the Turks and the Byzantine Empire. Amir Timur conquered Izmir in 1402 AD. After the First World War and with the weakening of the Ottoman Empire, the Greeks claimed the ownership of Izmir. The Greeks occupied Izmir for five years, and finally, in 1922, the Turkish people succeeded in recapturing Izmir from the Greeks, and Izmir was again included in the territory of Turkey.

Market of the izmir with Souvenirs

Izmir souvenirs

Izmir is considered one of Turkey’s commercial cities, and indeed, buying souvenirs from Izmir will be attractive and memorable for every tourist. If you have traveled to Turkey, you know more or less that different areas of Izmir have distinct histories and cultures. You can understand the cultural diversity of this country by viewing the various souvenirs of each region of Turkey.

All Turkish cities can be considered exciting places to buy souvenirs. You can buy handicrafts and native products of this country at reasonable prices. These souvenirs are usually the same in most cities; you can get them anywhere. Of course, except for the cases that are local products of each region and city. In the following, we will exclusively introduce Izmir’s souvenirs so that you can prepare a gift for yourself and your loved ones during your trip to this city.

Qizlar Agassi Bazaar is the best place in Izmir to buy souvenirs.

Old Fashion souvenirs of Izmir city

Qizlar Agassi, located in Konak Bazaar, Clock Square, Izmir (Konak)

Qizlar Agassi Caravanserai of Izmir, known as Qizlar Agassi Bazaar, is considered one of Izmir’s most attractive historical and sightseeing places. This caravanserai is located in the Konak area of Izmir, Turkey, and today, it has become a center for selling all kinds of Izmir handicrafts, souvenirs, and various other items of Izmir. This historical building is 300 years old, and there are souvenir shops, Izmir antique shops, and other usual shops. By entering this traditional market, it is as if you have stepped into a historical movie scene and, while enjoying the historical value of the building, you can buy all kinds of souvenirs.

1- Baklava of Izmir; Sweet souvenirs of Izmir

Indeed, you also know that Türkiye is the country of baklava. Baklava is one of the famous sweets of Turks, also common in neighboring countries. Baking baklava in Turkey is done professionally and in different flavors.

For those interested in sweets, fresh and high-quality baklavas of this city can be considered a good souvenir of Izmir.

2- olives and olive oil; Souvenirs of Izmir

Turks plant olives in parts of this country, including Izmir. For this reason, products related to olives, especially olive oil, can be sold fresh and of high quality in this region.

Olive oil is usually prepared at home and in small workshops. These products are high quality, and you need help finding a competitor. If you plan to buy Izmir souvenirs, olive oil is the most famous souvenir of Izmir.

3- painted ceramics; Souvenirs of the city of Izmir

You can find ceramic objects and containers in any tourist area, but these ceramics are decorated and prepared in each area with a unique color and design. Another souvenir of Izmir is the ceramics that are given a unique color and glaze by the hands of the artists of this city.

These products’ variety of colors and designs has made them more attractive to buyers. The production of painted ceramics in Turkey and Izmir dates back to the Ottoman era. They used these types of dishes to decorate their palaces.

4- Dry fruits of Izmir: The best souvenirs of Izmir

Different types of dried fruits are sold in abundance in most cities of Turkey, including Izmir. Drying fruits is common in Turkish cities, including Izmir, so they can use them in other seasons. Apricot leaves are common dried fruits in Izmir, but you can also buy apples, plums, peaches, etc. Drying these fruits is done traditionally and in front of the sun; besides their favorable quality, they are entirely organic.

Sweet "Rahat al-Halgom" of Izmir is one of the most important souvenirs of Izmir

5- The sweet “Rahat al-Halgom” of Izmir is one of the most important souvenirs of Izmir

Another sweet that can be called a souvenir of Urmia is “Rahat al-Halgom.” The shelf life of this sweet is long, and the price is low. For this reason, it can be considered a suitable and delicious option as a souvenir of Izmir.

Lemon, nutty, cinnamon, etc., are different flavors of this sweet, which can be offered in stores with beautiful packaging.

6- The opinion of the victim of Izmir

Among the other souvenirs of Izmir, whose traditional aspect is more noticeable, we can mention Ghorbin’s opinion. The victim’s opinion can be obtained from most cities in Turkey, including Izmir. The victim’s opinion is the same as our own, made in the form of pieces of glass and blue in the shape of an eye. According to the victim, they are used to make ornaments and decorative accessories.

7- Traditional Turkish carpets of Izmir

If the price of the souvenirs you buy is optional, we suggest that you pay attention to Izmir’s handicrafts and their handwoven carpets. Buying these carpets is only for some and requires skill and expertise, so could you cross it out if you need more expertise?

8- Izmir coffee and tea

Various types of tea, coffee, and tea are other products that can be offered to tourists in Izmir. Turks are particularly fond of drinking tea in narrow-waisted glasses. You can buy these aromatic drinks along with the accessories for serving and preparing them and take them to your city and home as souvenirs of Izmir.

Turks use a particular device called Jzove to prepare coffee. Jazoh and sets of narrow waist glasses can be the best souvenirs of Izmir.

9- Izmir spices

Trade, in other words, the buying and selling of spices in Turkey, is many years old. Cooking Turkish food is unthinkable without its colorful and aromatic herbs. Local and traditional dishes of this region are flavored only with these spices.

Aromatic vegetables and native spices are sold in the markets of Izmir in suitable packages and of the best quality. These spices are also sold as a combination that can create a new flavor in cooking. Buying these spices can be a great surprise for people who love to cook.

10- Izmir hookah and pipe

In Izmir, handmade hookahs and pipes, which are decorated with the traditional designs of this region, are sold. If you are not used to this equipment, you can use it as a decorative device.

11- Izmir leather products

Türkiye produces very high-quality leather. You must pay a lot to buy these products, but they are undoubtedly worth buying. Handmade leather products such as shoes, various gift sets, bags, belts, etc., are souvenirs of Izmir, which will surely make your loved ones happy.

12- Izmir mosaic chandelier

One of Izmir’s most attractive and endearing souvenirs is its mosaic chandeliers. These chandeliers in different colors and designs dazzle the eyes of every viewer.

13- Izmir copper objects and containers

The use of copper in Türkiye is ancient. Due to their practicality, copper dishes can be considered souvenirs of Izmir. Jazoh is one of these copper vessels used as a coffee pot in Turkey.

14- Magnet Izmir

Magnets are sold in the Izmir market, symbolizing Izmir’s historic and scenic places. Considering their reasonable price, these magnets are one of Izmir’s souvenirs.

15- Izmir Turkish clothing and apparel

Branded t-shirts, jeans, various Turkish dresses, and jackets suitable for every taste can surprise your fashionable friends as souvenirs of Izmir.

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