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Five Golden Rules of Being Stylish in Turkey

The Hidden Goals of the Fashion Industry in Turkey

The hidden goals of the fashion industry

The secret purpose of the fashion industry, which is not officially acknowledged in the media, is to hide the weaknesses of your beauty. Here, Burda Company addresses the five golden rules of elegance and confidence. Being fashionable is not only the result of the clothes we choose but also the result of a conscious stance with confidence.

Turkey's two beautifull Model

Five golden rule

Analyze your body well.

Let’s not forget that the hidden purpose of the fashion industry, which is not officially acknowledged in the media, is to hide your beauty flaws. In the clothes we choose, we can achieve a more perfect look by covering details we may not like about our bodies. Of course, we are all excellent, and we love our bodies, but due to the slight depression we experienced last month, we may have consumed too much dessert, ice cream, and cake.

This may appear as small deposits of fat on the body, abdomen, and buttocks. No need to panic. With a strict walking program, I lost weight, a little yoga, and a proper diet; it will go away. But this week, you are invited, and you have to hide the part that is overweight.

So we have to choose clothes that hide those parts of our body. For example, if you have excess weight in the hips, you can raise the attention from the hips to the shoulders with a simple but strapless dress that reveals your shoulders. With thicker eye makeup and a slightly ambitious hairstyle, we can draw the eyes to the upper part of your body.

Shoes are important keys in styling

Everyone is looking at your shoes.

Your friends will look at your head, your enemies will look at your feet, and your competitors will look at your feet in the beauty pageant. We all know this unwritten rule now. If you walk into a party, the first thing that catches everyone’s attention is your shoes. When choosing high heels, if you are confident in the beauty of your legs, you can highlight your boots and not the shoes. A shoe model that highlights the beauty of your feet and makes you look simple, natural, and wonderful.

It is also important that your shoes are a color that matches your outfit. However, if you use the same colors from head to toe, you will tire the eyes. Therefore, you should be careful that your shoes are a different but harmonious color that will distinguish you from your outfit.

Colorful dress of a woman

Color selection is critical.

Our clothes are clothes of strategic value that attract attention in photos with their colors. So much so that we all know that the choice of color is so essential that no one but the bride is asked to wear white at the wedding; those who wear white to a wedding find themselves in the judgmental gaze of their guests. Therefore, the style of your dress and the color are important criteria to choose from.

Let us give you some advice on this. Before the invitation, look at the photos of the hall where the invitation will be held. After determining the dominant color in the hall, try to choose a dress that contrasts with this dominant color. That way, when the photos are taken, you will be the star that attracts the most attention and shines in the environment. But, of course, you can use accessories to increase the variety of colors.

Makeup artist woman with red earings

Your makeup completes your style.

Everyone’s use of makeup and cosmetics is very personal, but you may want to have unique makeup to attract the attention you want to leave. If you are invited to a family party and are the little girl of the family, you can wear dark makeup that gives your eyes an authentic and sober look. Or if you are invited to a simple, friendly wedding of your close friends, light makeup that emphasizes your naturalness and natural beauty is loved by everyone.

Think of makeup as the weapon you need to achieve your goals because you’ll be shooting with it all night long.

Girl in Red dress model of Turkey

Trust yourself

In the end, don’t forget this golden rule: as much as you want to be stylish and use your unique fashions, if you don’t have confidence in an invitation, a party, or a business meeting, that’s it. Your charm will disappear, and carefully selected clothes, accessories, and jewelry will not be seen.

Choose and wear the most beautiful clothes, but don’t forget to trust yourself, love yourself, and be at peace with yourself.

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