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Paintball in Izmir

The Introduction of Paintball Halls in Izmir

Seven suitable places for paintball in Izmir

  • Homeros Adventure
  • Angel Park Paintball Center
  • Seyirtepe Paintball Center
  • Beta Paintball Center
  • Adatepe Paintball Center
  • Buca Paintball Center
  • Batı Paintball Center

Man playing paintball in Izmir

  1. Homeros Adventure Natural Sports Center

Homeros Vadisi 4. Piknik Alanı Çamiçi Mevkii BORNOVA

TEL: (0232) 339 32 79

  1. Angel Park Paintball

Cennet Vadisi Atatürk Cad. No: 1 Kaynaklar 35370 Buca/

TEL: 0538 281 24 12 / Web:

  1. Seyirtepe Paintball

Postacılar Mahallesi, Bayraklı 7368/5. Sokak No: 15 D: 35520 Bayraklı/İzmir

TEL: 0538 437 00 01 / Web:

  1. Beta İzmir Paintball

Palamutluk mevkii – Güzelbahçe

TEL: 0535 827 19 63

  1. Adatepe İzmir Paintball

İnciraltı Caddesi No: 32 Balçova

TEL: 0232 277 47 30 – 0506 981 72 72 – 0536 970 54 47

  1. Buca İzmir Paintball

Cumhuriyet Mahallesi Uluyol Mevkii Kaynaklar, 35390 Buca/

TEL: 0535 730 00 10 / Web:

  1. Batı Paintball & Go-Kart

Aktepe Mahallesi Şht, Altan Aydın Cd. No: 55, 35410 Gaziemir

TEL: 0545 565 72 00 / Web:

A group of people playing paintball

What is the sport of paintball?

Paintball is a strategy and team sport that is played to neutralize the players of the opposing team by shooting small plastic balls filled with paint in a certain area. Tasks such as capturing the opposing team’s flag, rescuing hostages, and destroying the entire opposing team.

The sport of paintball is to eliminate a certain number of groups with a paintball gun by shooting colored balls at their opponents and reaching specific goals. The group that can reach its goal within the rules of the game will be superior. The next game is for everyone to reach the starting point and it starts again with the referee’s whistle.

In the late 1970s, the sport originated as a joke between two friends who worked at a carpentry shop, playing pranks on each other using paint guns. Water-soluble paint capsules are thrown from barrel guns and CO2 gas pressure in the game and are removed when the player contacts them. These color capsules are environmentally friendly non-toxic and harmless. At the same time, a person who is hit by a paintball is not seriously injured and is painless. When safety rules are followed (especially the no helmet rule), the chance of injury is less than 1%. Paintball is played outdoors, that is, in an environment rich in oxygen. While playing this game, you will experience fun and competition along with sports.

Paintball Team of the Izmir, Turkey

The first team paintball game was played on June 27, 1981, in New Hampshire


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