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Bostanli Beach, Izmir

Bostanli Beach: Where Tranquility Meets Turquoise Waters"

Bicycle path for children in Bostanli, Izmir

The Metropolitan Municipality, which has built a rubber jogging track along Bostanelli Beach, will connect the walking path it has organized to Fisherman’s Wharf and the planned Opera House Square. The cycling path in the area is entirely parallel to the renovated vehicle road. Therefore, using the beach became safer by preventing overlapping bicycle traffic and the recreational area. In addition, a second cycling track was built as a large loop, which children can use more efficiently and safely. Yasmin Cafe was remodeled, and its seating area was expanded.

The area will have bike parks, modern sculptures, and Wi-Fi access in central regions. The mobile kiosks and automatic urban toilets that have started working will be spread throughout the region. By restoring the stone fortifications along the coast, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will also create quiet rest areas with shady wooden platforms, under trees, sun loungers, and wetland planting areas where rainwater can be collected and used.

Bostanli Fisherman’s Wharf and Yasmin Cafe, a popular destination for those who want to spend the day with its unique view of the bay, has attracted attention with its practical and comfort-oriented design. New generation playgrounds, basketball courts, mini soccer fields, skate rinks, sun loungers, and picnic areas have been built in this place, which supports the culture of beach use in Karsiaka and Bostanelli beaches. Also, a non-stop circulation line along the coast is planned for pedestrians and cyclists.

Sea and Show venue in Bostanli, Izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality completed the second phase of the Bostanli beach arrangement in September 2019. In front of Bostanlı Pazaryeri, he created a 20,350 thousand square meter “Sea and Show Square” with the length of the coastline. Working at full speed, the Metropolitan teams designed a project so the city’s citizens could directly connect with the sea, such as the Bostanlı Sunset Terrace. With an artificial green hill created 3.5 meters above the vehicle road, they can watch the concerts and shows held. The coastline between the area is covered with immense natural stones, and the walking path is covered with different-sized pebbles, creating a natural beach experience for those who walk or ride bikes. It is decorated with wooden platforms and reed ponds with natural texture. done

Traveling with Google camera in Bostanli, Izmir

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