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Salsa Dance in Izmir

Salsa Dance Scene in Izmir: Where Rhythm Meets Passion

Salsa dance

Salsa is a well-known group dance that originated in New York City under the strong influence of Latin American culture, especially in Puerto Rico. Salsa moves are rooted in San, Chacha, Mambo, and other dance styles, and started dancing to salsa music in the mid-1970s in New York.

Salsa dance is generally performed in dance clubs, bars, restaurants, and open spaces and is considered a popular dance for street festivals.

Salsa is a popular social dance among the people of the Caribbean, Central America, and South America, and is also famous in North America, Europe, Australia, and even some Asian countries.

The Meaning of the word Salsa

Salsa means “mixed,” and in Spanish, it is a type of hot sauce that can somehow express the taste and spiciness and perhaps the mixed background of this dance, which has something from each of the Mambo, Chacha, San, and other dances.

Salsa is usually a two-person dance, but it can also be performed as a single person and in circles where couples are separated from each other. Examples include Salsa Line Dance or Salsa Salsa Suelta, where people dance singly, and Salsa Rueda de Casino circle dance, where several couples change partners in a circle. Salsa can be performed improvisationally or in a pre-planned routine.

Salsa Dance Party people dance

How to Dance Salsa?

One of the distinctive features of this dance is the rapid movements of the hands and feet, changing the body position, sudden and rhythmic turns, separating the bodies from each other, loosening the shoulders, and the unique position of the hands. Salsa is an all-rhythmic dance performed in slow ranges of around 150 bpm (beats per minute) to fast rhythms of around 250 bpm, although it is often performed with music somewhere between 160-220 beats per minute.

American movies have significantly introduced people from other countries to Cuban culture and music, especially salsa music and dance. Marc Anthony, a Puerto Rican-American singer, composer, and actor, is one of the most famous salsa singers.

Videos of Salsa Dance Competitions in Izmir

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