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Izmir Artichoke Festival

Celebrating Flavor: The Izmir Artichoke Festival

What is an artichoke?

Cynara scolymus, is an herbaceous and perennial plant with a height of 50 to 150 cm with blue-purple flowers from the daisy family. It grows in southern Europe and around the Mediterranean.

Chosen by Turkey’s extraordinary geography and culture, the artichoke is known as a vegetable, but it is a flower bud that has not yet opened. Artichoke, native to Urla Peninsula (Izmir), is a perennial plant with purple flowers. Artichoke is named after the woman “Cynara” whom the Greek god Zeus fell in love with.

Artichoke, with countless values that add to our health, invites you to Urla every year with a heart hidden in its leaves. As Jean Anthelme Brillat Savarin, one of the famous food scientists of the 18th century, said: “The discovery of a new food is more useful than the discovery of a new star.”

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When is the Izmir Artichoke Festival?

The date of the Artichoke Festival is announced every year by the official site of the Artichoke Festival (www.urlaenginarfestivali.com). In previous years, it was held on May 6-8, but in 2023, it was held on April 27-30.

A Woman in the Izmir Artichoke Festival

With the Urla International Artichoke Festival, which has been held in Urla since 2015, the production and sale of artichokes has increased significantly and attention has been drawn to the producer’s problems. In addition, the general public was informed about the correct production and processing of artichoke, a product with great edible and nutritional importance, and it was promoted in terms of body health and its nutritional value and culinary uses in Turkey and internationally. In addition to the traditional use, the use of artichoke in Turkish culinary culture has increased with various recipes, and with the presence of foreign chefs, it has made a significant contribution to Izmir’s food tourism.

By revealing the edible elements in their regions and with the names of these elements, they have started holding festivals. These festivals, which are held using regional food attractions, such as Urla, are of great importance in increasing tourism mobility and creating a competitive advantage.

Although the role of festivals is very involved in the branding of cities, they are considered a prominent element in the world tourism market. Many cities such as Paris, Rome, New York, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Istanbul, and Antalya have become tourism brands today. Events held in cities (festivals, sports organizations, etc.) have a great impact on the branding of these cities. The trend towards individual and small groups and types of tourism with special interest increases the importance of tourism and festivals and step by step towards becoming a brand with the artichoke festival as an important cornerstone in the development of this brand.

two little girls in the Izmir Artichoke Festival

Since this cornerstone is considered an important player in Urla’s agency, it raises Urla’s brand and quality on a scale that we can increase its quality and improve its content. Knowing this importance, the 2022 festival is designed beyond a simple festival. Under the umbrella of artichoke, the pristine and untouched areas of Urla, ancient ruins, examples of civil architecture, and villages that have preserved their traditional life characteristics and their potential for all kinds of tourism are explained.

To properly reflect this potential, the Artichoke Festival, which we held to bring together the producers and consumers of the region’s precious agricultural product, artichoke, was held this year for the eighth time at the international level and was designed with the aim of real promotion.

About Urla of Izmir

Urla Izmir, which is considered one of the regions of Izmir, is a symbol of natural and healthy life; The country of Turkey has become an outstanding destination in the field of agritourism and gastronomy, which protects its ecological areas and agricultural lands and local traditions and culture. In terms of agricultural potential, Izmir is considered a lucky city due to its favorable climate.

people visiting in the Izmir Artichoke Festival

The destination of Urla is a region rich in historical background and natural beauty. We believe that to protect this wealth and ensure that the local people benefit from this wealth, we have created a model of rural development by crowning our precious agricultural product of artichoke with a festival.

Since our first artichoke festival, our farmland and the agricultural productivity of the local people have greatly increased. In addition, this festival made Urla known not only in the field of agritourism but also in the field of gastronomy. Every day, Urla hosts people who are sensitive to nature and care about food and culinary culture.

Recipe with artichoke

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