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Tattoo Festival in Izmir

Izmir Tattoo Festival: Where Ink Becomes Art

Tattoo culture in Turkey

The tattooing culture in Turkey has experienced significant developments and changes over the years. In the past, tattoos were usually seen as a symbol of crime or elements against certain social institutions in Turkish society. However, attitudes towards tattoos have gradually changed.

Recently, we have seen a significant increase in the popularity of tattoos in Türkiye. Now, in the big cities of Turkey, you can find tattoo studios and ateliers that provide services to various customers. Many tattoo artists in Turkey are highly skilled and talented, drawing inspiration from different art styles and cultural influences.

Tattoo culture in Turkey

Tattoo culture in Turkey continues to evolve, and most people accept it as a form of personal expression and artistic appreciation. However, for those considering getting a tattoo in Turkey, it’s essential to carefully research tattoo artists and studios to ensure a safe and positive experience.

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Every year, usually in March, the Izmir Tattoo Festival hosts 350 artists worldwide. In addition to hosting numerous artistic activities, the Izmir Tattoo Festival is dedicated to providing a new space for the art of tattooing and making lasting contributions to tattoo culture.

The primary mission of the Izmir Tattoo Festival is to showcase the history, traditions, and innovations of tattooing. Scheduled for March 8-9-10 this year (2024), the event covers all things tattoo and is a tribute to the uniqueness of tattoo culture.

Every year, a number of big Turkish brands, along with tattoo artists, sponsor tattoo competitions and festivals in cooperation with Izmir city government organizations such as Izmir Municipality.

Venue of Izmir Tattoo Festival

Venue of Izmir Tattoo Festival

Fuar İzmir is one of Turkey’s most important international conference and exhibition centers. This complex is located in the city of Izmir and is considered a large commercial center in the west of Turkey.

Since its opening in 2015, this exhibition center has hosted many events and exhibitions from various industries, such as the construction industry, automotive industry, information technology, food and agriculture, tourism industry, medicine and pharmaceuticals, fashion and clothing, sports and fitness, and many other fields. has been

As one of Turkey’s significant trade and exhibition centers, Izmir Fair has modern equipment, established infrastructure, and the ability to host large exhibitions and events. With its distinctive geographical location and professional services, this center has become one of the popular destinations for international trade and business exchanges.

Izmir Tattoo Festival Artist

Izmir Tattoo Festival tips

If you love originality and art, Izmir Tattoo Festival, Turkey’s largest tattoo festival, provides an opportunity to join tattoo artists from all over the world, participate in the festival, enjoy concerts, and experience moments full of fun.

Event doors open at 11:00 am, and day tickets are valid only on the purchase day. You can also buy a combined ticket to attend the festival.

It should be noted that festival tickets cannot be canceled or refunded, and there is no age limit for participating in this event. However, for tattoos of people under 18 years of age, the presence and approval of parents is required. Also, participants must bring their birth certificates.

The press does video recording, and the organizer and their use for commercial purposes is prohibited. Participants must generally comply with and agree to the rules and regulations.

Tattoo artist, do tattoo for a girl

Izmir City Tattoo Festival will host visitors with exciting programs this year. The presence of the Izmir Classic Cars Exhibition at the same time as this festival has created double excitement. This festival is held from 9 am to 10:30 pm every three days.

If you have booked a ticket and are traveling to the exhibition, you can use the special discounts for Riva Hotel, Mövenpick Hotel Izmir, and My Hotel Izmir.

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