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Winners of Izmir Marathon 2024

Overview of the Izmir Marathon

Overview of the Izmir Marathon

The Izmir Marathon is a prestigious annual marathon held in Izmir, Turkey, since 2020. The event includes a full marathon and a 10K race conducted on the same day. It is recognized as a World Athletics Label Road Race, highlighting its high organizational standards and international appeal.

Course Details

The marathon course starts and finishes at Şair Eşref Boulevard near Kültürpark and is noted for its scenic route along the coastline of Izmir. The course layout allows runners to enjoy views of the city’s notable landmarks and the Aegean Sea, enhancing the experience with its picturesque backdrop.

People have fun in Izmir marathon

Participation and Impact

The Izmir Marathon attracts a wide range of participants, from elite athletes to recreational runners from around the globe. Including a marathon and a shorter 10K race opens the event to various skill levels, promoting running as an inclusive sport. The event not only boosts local tourism but also fosters community spirit and encourages sports and fitness among the residents and visitors of Izmir.

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Awards of Izmir Marathon 2024

Awards were distributed at Marathon Izmir.

The winners of the Izmir Marathon 2024 are as follows:

For the men’s marathon:
1. Vitalis Kibiwott from Kenya with a time of 2:11:08.
2. Sendeku Alelgn Amogne from Ethiopia with a time of 2:13:42.
3. Silas Kiprotich, also from Kenya, with a time of 2:13:47.

In the women’s marathon:
1. Aamelmal Tagel from Ethiopia led with a time of 2:37:26.
2. Bekelech Bedada, also from Ethiopia, followed with a time of 2:42:12.
3. Gete Deressa, another Ethiopian runner, finished at 2:45:07.

These results showcase a strong performance, particularly from Kenyan and Ethiopian athletes, who dominated the top spots in both categories.

Awards were given to the athletes who competed and ranked in the 42-kilometer Marathon Izmir Avek, organized for the fifth time this year by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.

Turkey’s Fastest Marathon

“Turkey’s Fastest Marathon” Marathon Izmir Avek, organized for the fifth time this year by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, was run with the participation of 600 elite athletes from 38 countries. The award ceremony of the 42-kilometer race was held in Kültürpark. In the men’s category, Kenyan Vitalis Kibiwot took the first place with a time of 2 hours, 11 minutes, and 8 seconds, while Ethiopian Sendeku Alelgn took the second place with a time of 2 hours, 13 minutes, and 42 seconds. Kenyan Silas Kurui took third place with a time of 2 hours, 13 minutes, and 47 seconds.

Ethiopian Aamelmal Tagel won the women’s 42-kilometer race with a time of 2 hours, 37 minutes, and 26 seconds. Ethiopian Bekelech Bedada came second with 2 hours 42 minutes 10 seconds, and Japanese Suguru Oktabe came third with 2 hours 43 minutes 16 seconds.

Winners of the izmir marathon 2024

A total of 42 thousand dollars in 42K awards

In the 42K Marathon Izmir Avek 2024 General Men’s and General Women’s categories, the first winner received 10 thousand dollars, the second 5 thousand dollars, the third 3 thousand dollars, the fourth 2 thousand dollars, and the fifth winner 1000 dollars.

The winners of the 42K category were given their awards by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. On behalf of Cemil Tugay, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Assembly CHP Group Spokesperson and Karabağlar Municipality Deputy Mayor Elvin Sönmez Güler, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Ertuğrul Tugay, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Youth and Sports Services Department Head Hakan Orhunbilge, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Sports Club President Hüseyin Egeli, Ege The speech was given by Şehir A.Ş. C

chairman of the Board, Ersan Odaman, AVEK Automotive General Manager Derya Uluğ, and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Council Member Aras Kaynarca.

Women's winner of Izmir marathon 2024

The total award for 42 K Turkish women and men was 100 thousand TL. In the 42 K Turkish Women and Turkish Men, the first place was awarded 14 thousand TL, the second place was 12 thousand TL, the third place was 10 thousand TL, the fourth place was 8 thousand TL, and the fifth place was 6 thousand TL, for a total of 50 thousand TL in both categories.

The competition ceremony, during which the award was given, was enlivened with dance shows and concerts. In the 42K Turkey Men’s category, the first place was Hakan Turan (2 hours 51 minutes 3 seconds), the second was Serdar Sezer (2 hours 51 minutes 6 seconds), and the third was Erkan Bacak (2 hours 52 minutes 5 seconds). In the 42K Women’s category, Tuğba Türkgülü won the first place (3 hours 52 minutes 21 seconds), Selin Çimrin took the second place (4 hours 2 minutes 22 seconds) and Pınar Doğan took the third place (4 hours 19 minutes 53 seconds).

The race started at 08.00. The 42-kilometer run started at 08.00 in front of Şair Eşref Bulvarı Kültürpark Old İZFAŞ building. The athletes reached Karşıyaka via Alsancak and turned back before reaching Bostanlı Pier. The athletes reached İnciraltı via the same track, this time via Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard, and returned from Marina İzmir and completed the race at the starting point. This year, within the scope of Marathon Izmir, the 10-kilometer run was held with the participation of 5 thousand athletes, and the winners were given awards.

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