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Izmir Coffee Festival

Coffee culture in Turkey

Coffee culture in Turkey

In Turkey, coffee is a popular beverage with a rich culture and history. Coffee consumption in this country is prepared in two main ways: “Turkish coffee” and “French coffee.” The traditional Turkish method, associated with local coffee houses and fast food joints, consists of Turkish coffee in small teapots drunk with water and sugar.

But French coffee is prepared using espresso machines. In the past, coffee consumption in Turkey was associated with special events held with friends and family in coffee houses or homes. Rituals related to coffee consumption included placing coffee in small cups, spreading walnut skins on the surface of the coffee, and even reading fortunes from the baklava and chocolates served with the coffee.

Festival of Coffee in Turkey

Coffee houses and shops in Turkey are popular places to drink coffee, often with traditional and historical contexts, and places to meet friends and chat. In addition, in the cities of Turkey, you can find historical coffee, a cultural and historical symbol of this country, and an important tourist attraction.

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In general, the consumption of coffee in Turkey is considered an important cultural element that is presented along with certain ceremonies and customs and is a part of the daily life of the people of this country.

Drinking Turkish coffee

Turkish coffee is one of the critical and popular cultural symbols in Turkey. This type of coffee is prepared uniquely, and it is also known as “Turkish” or “Turkish coffee.” In this method, coffee drinkers pour ground coffee, water, and sugar into small teapots and heat them until they boil.

Drinking Turkish coffee

The coffee is then usually cooked in a cylindrical coffee maker or gas, which is also called “Sarkaz.” Finally, Turkish coffee is ready to drink. It is traditionally served in small cups or “Turkish coffee cups.” This type of coffee, with its unique taste and aroma, is known as one of the famous and prominent foods in Turkish culture, and it is also considered a symbol of the most important social and cultural elements in this country.

Izmir Coffee Festival

The Izmir Coffee Festival is held in Izmir, Turkey, and celebrates coffee’s culture, art, and craft. Coffee has a rich history in Turkey, and this festival provides a platform for coffee enthusiasts, professionals, and businesses to come together to share their passion for coffee.

At the festival, attendees can experience various activities, including coffee tastings, workshops, barista demonstrations, coffee culture, sustainability discussions, and presentations by industry experts. This is an opportunity for coffee lovers to learn more about different types of coffee, brewing methods, and the journey from bean to cup.

The Izmir Coffee Festival attracts local and international participants, including coffee roasters, producers, equipment manufacturers, and cafe owners. It is a lively and dynamic event that showcases the diversity and creativity in the world of coffee.

If you’re a coffee lover visiting Izmir during the festival, this event is worth checking out to immerse yourself in Turkish coffee culture and beyond.

Izmir Coffee Festival

Visitors from 42 countries and 61 provinces

In its first year, the Izmir Coffee Fair hosted visitors from 42 countries and 61 provinces in Turkey. From Germany to Russia. Our exhibitors hosted visitors from Jordan to Britain, Adana to Çanakkale, and Kocaeli to Eskişehir.

Technology and innovation

You can check out the coffee industry’s most innovative and cutting-edge coffee shop products and equipment, learn how to integrate specialty coffees into existing business plans and the latest technology equipment, and conveniently make purchasing decisions face-to-face on the show floor.

The most delicious flavors of coffee

The coffee, coffee shop equipment, and consumables exhibition will be a meeting point for coffee enthusiasts and industry professionals.

You can explore the coffee industry’s most innovative and cutting-edge products, shops, and home equipment, attend workshops and seminars, and choose the beans that best suit your palate.

The coffee, coffee shop equipment, and consumables exhibition will be a meeting place for coffee enthusiasts and industry professionals.

This exhibition brings together “coffee shop” specialists. If coffee is your business, career path, or passion, we will be in Fuarizmir from 23 to 26 May 2024.

Izmir Coffee Exhibition Place, Türkiye

Izmir Coffee Exhibition Place, Türkiye

Fuar Izmir:

It is 8 km away from Adnan Manderes Airport.
Its proximity to the ring road makes transportation easy without getting into city traffic.
Public transportation services (metro and bus) are intense. City buses go to the exhibition site.

Shipping with ESHOT

  1. Line No 92 / Fuar İzmir – Üçyol Metro / Route: via Karabağlar
  2. Line No 610 / Fuar İzmir – Gaziemir District Garage / Route: via Aktepe Mah. ve Akçay Cad
  3. Line No 650 / Fuar İzmir – Fahrettin Altay / Route: Via Ring Road
  • Exhibition: From 23rd to 24th May, it welcomes professional visitors and from 25th to 26th for coffee lovers.
  • Visiting hours will be 10:00 to 18:00.
  • Your electronic ticket will be sent via email and SMS; you do not need to print it.
  • Tickets are checked at the event entrance; you must show your ticket on your phone.

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