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Izmir Land Festival

Introducing the Izmir Land Festival

Introducing the Izmir Land Festival

While the festival lands on May 11-12, this year is full of names creating excitement in the music world; get ready with us to be a part of this fascinating music festival.

Land Festival, which is held for the 5th time, like every year, is ready to host music lovers, and this reinforces its title as one of the most significant music events in Turkey.

Among the first names announced for this year’s festival are Biza Basak, one of the brightest stars in the music scene; Celine Chingir, known for the energy of the scene; Köfn, the prominent name of alternative music; Son Feci Bike, for independent rock and Ceza, the pioneer Turkish rap music mentioned. These names represent the wide range and variety of music in Festivalland that appeals to all tastes.

picture of the Izmir Land Festival

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Another piece of news that increases the excitement of the festival is the fast sale of discounted tickets. This shows the strong interest and expected popularity of the festival. Music lovers hurry up so they don’t miss the opportunity to watch their favorite artists up close.

This festival is not just about music. It also offers an experience that combines art, culture, and entertainment. Concerts, workshops, art exhibitions, and more await participants throughout the day. This makes the festival more than just a musical event; it is a way of life where the participants gather unforgettable memories.

Festival Land is also ready to capture the hearts of music lovers this year, hosting many domestic and international artists. This festival, where prominent names from the world of music will perform, will make the participants feel the rhythm of the music and create unforgettable moments for them.

Sarmehen 5 Festival promises a festival where music, art, and entertainment unite, and you will experience the most unforgettable summer moments.

Festivalland opens its doors to its magical world for the fifth time!

Festival Land, one of the most visited festivals in Turkey, hosted a total of 73,000 people in previous years. This year, as always, the festival lovers will be hosted in Turkey’s most significant event center, Izmir Arena, which has fantastic concept preparations, fun games, great flavors, and delightful areas.

Izmir Land Festival concert

  • The opening time of the event is 15:00.
  • There is an age limit of 18 for this event.
  • Bringing professional audio and video recording devices, glass, plastic bottles, cans, fireworks, any flammable objects (perfume, pesticides, etc.), weapons, or sharp objects to the festival venue is prohibited. Additionally, security may not allow entry to any folding chairs or umbrellas you plan to bring.
  • The festival organizer and staff are not responsible for stolen or lost items. It is recommended that you don’t take valuables that you don’t ycannot lose to the festival venue.
  • The organizing company has the right to refuse the entry of people it considers unsuitable for the event on the condition of refunding the ticket fee.
  • As food and beverages are sold during the event, food and drink brought in from outside are not permitted in the event area.
  • Keep your wristbands and tickets during the concert.
  • Security personnel will subject all persons entering the event area to a security search.
  • Visitors entering the event area must purchase a new ticket if leaving the area.
  • Visitors who purchase a combination ticket can enter the area on the second day with the same wristband. They should not throw away their wristbands.
  • Concert tickets are not transferable.
  • The right to use photos and videos taken by people participating in the concert in advertising materials belongs to the organization, and the participant accepts the use of this right by participating in the concert.

Venue of Izmir Land Festival, Party, Disco and concerts

Venue of Izmir Land Festival

Izmir Arena is an indoor sports and entertainment venue in Izmir, Turkey. As a multipurpose arena, it hosts various events, including concerts, sports competitions, exhibitions, and conferences. The arena is located in the Gaziemir district of Izmir and is a popular destination for locals and visitors who attend live performances and other events.

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