Zeynep Bastık Biography

Turkish pop singer, Songwriter, Dancer, and Actress

Zeynep Bastık

Born July 8, 1993, in Canakkale, Turkey – Turkish pop singer, songwriter, dancer, and actress

The years of activity of Zeynep Bastık from 2012

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His grandmother is of Albanian descent. His family members are also musicians. His mother was a local dance teacher. At fifteen, he joined the Anatolian Fire Group as a dancer and remained in the group for eight years. She later became interested in Latin dance and pole dancing.

Zeynep Bastık also worked as an actress in musical theaters. In 2010, Zeynep Bastık started a professional music career with the band “Jackpot” in Izmir, mainly performing cover songs. Until 2012, he performed with this group in different cities, including Izmir, Eskishahir, and Bursa.

The years of activity of Zeynep Bastık from 2012

His backing vocals were featured on Murat Dalkilic’s “Luzumsuz Savaş” and Anil Pianji’s “No Delil.” He worked as Dalkilich’s backing singer for three years. Zeynep Bastık released her first single, “Bırça,” in 2014 and her second single, “Şahaneyim,” in 2017 with the help of Dalkilić. Zeynep Bastık performed “Ben Kalp Sen,” composed by Dalkılıç for the series Aşk Ağır. He also played minor roles in television series such as Joy, The Forbidden Apple, Clear Everywhere, and Enemy in My House.

On the Acoustics EP, he collaborated with composers such as Emir Can İğrek, Sezen Aksu, and Oğuzhan Koç.

Zeynep Bastık wrote the song “On Our Way” with Serhat Shensali in collaboration with Elidor on International Women’s Day and produced some songs on the Zeynodisco album.

Since 2019, Zeynep Bastık has become the advertising face of Adidas, Elidor and Panty, Gettier, and Vodafone.

Music style of Zeynep Bastık

Zeynep Bastık mainly performs rock, acoustic, and electronic music. He started his career shortly after. Zeynep Bastık rose to fame after releasing a cover version of a song by Ezel. In addition, she covered some other songs, notably by Fikri Karayel, Harun Kolçak, and Ümit Sayın, which she shared on her YouTube channel. These covers helped to increase his fame.

According to Tolga Akiildiz, the performance of songs by artists such as Aileen Slim, Ezel, Anil Yarkin, Kenan Dogolo, Lunet Yuksel, Jabar, Tarkan, Mustafa Sandal, Shabnam Farah, Haroun Kolchak, Azhda Pekin, Niloufer, Karim Tekin, Pinhani, Sezen Aksu and Numerous artists have contributed significantly to his popularity in the digital music market.

Sponsors of Zeynep Bastık

Sponsors of Zeynep Bastık

  • Adidas
  • Elidor
  • Penti
  • Getir
  • Vodafone

Zeynep Bastık’s singles

Fırça31 October 2014
Şahaneyim27 March 2017
Bırakman Doğru Mu14 June 2019
Mod12 November 2019
Bırakman Doğru Mu 220 November 2020
Boş Yapma18 December 2020
Kendi Yolumuzda5 March 2021
Sen Ben30 July 2021
Yalan24 September 2021
Savaştım Harbiden2 September 2022

Music style of Zeynep Bastık

Playing the role of Zeynep Bastık as an actress in movies

2014Sil BaştanHerself/Guest
2015Adı MutlulukGonca Gül Duran
2016–2017Umuda Kelepçe VurulmazRüya
2018Yuvamdaki DüşmanZeynep
2018Yasak Elmaİrem
2021Zeynep Bastık ve KonuklarıPresenter
2021Çok Güzel Hareketler 2Herself/Guest

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