Gazapizm Biography

Gazapizm: A Trailblazer in Turkish Hip-Hop

Introduction to Gazapizm

Anil Murat Ajar was born in 1988 in Elazig. His father is Kurdish, and his mother is Turkish. He started Turkish rap music in 2003. His mother and father are teachers. In 2012, he founded Argo Izmir in Konak Izmir. In 2014, he released an album of underground literature. He attracted attention with the pieces he composed in the Khiya*ba*ni dialect. In 2016, he released his album Bir Gün Her Şey (One Day Everything).

He made a music video for the songs “Gece Sabahın” and “Memleketsiz” in Izmir. He is best known for the song Heyecanı Yok in the Çukur series. This song coincided with the period when rap was more visible in Turkish dramas and was influential. Later, Gazapizm sang the song “Qalb Man Chukorda” with Jam Adrian for the same series. He graduated from Duquez Illul University, Department of Public Administration.

In 2008, he ignited the music scene alongside Gardiyan with their collaboration on the “Kan Degil Katran” album. Following this, his album “Major Depresif” achieved remarkable sales figures. A demo track titled “Tehlikeli,” featuring Gazapizm, Gardiyan, and Sivo, caught the attention of Fuat Ergin. Inspired by this, he and his associates established Izmir’s premier music studio, Argo Izmir. This studio and its talented team have consistently delivered hit singles and albums, maintaining an impressive trajectory in the industry.

Gazapizm Latest Album “Hiza”

Gazapizm Albums

  • Majör Depresyon (2009)
  • Yeraltı Edebiyatı (2014)
  • Bir Gün Her Şey (2016)
  • Hiza (2020)

Gazapizm Single Musics

  • “Heyecanı Yok” (2017)
  • “Kalbim Çukurda” (feat. Cem Adrian) (2018)
  • “Ölüler Dirilerden Çalacak” (2018)
  • “Alem – i Fani” (Gripin ile birlikte; İyi Oyun Film Müziği) (2018)
  • “Kaç İstersen” (2019)
  • “Unutulacak Dünler” (2020)
  • ” Dünya Bu” (2022)

He won the award “Golden Butterfly Award” as a Song of the Year with his song “Heyacanı Yok” in 2018 and also “GQ Turkey Men of The Year Awards” in the category of Musician of the Year  with his song called “Gazapizm.”

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