Şebnem Ferah Biography

Şebnem Ferah is a Turkish singer with a gothic style!

Şebnem Ferah

Height: 155 cm – Şebnem Farah was born on April 12, 1972, in Yalova as the youngest of three daughters who emigrated to Yalova from Skopje. Şebnem Ferah’s favorite cover style is Gothic style.

Şebnem Farah’s childhood

Şebnem Ferah’s interest in music started when she was 5-6 years old, and her family played an essential role in her entry into music. Since almost all members of Farah’s family are involved in music and there is music in every corner of the house, he was introduced to the market fully prepared and knowledgeable about music.

Şebnem Farah's childhood

He started taking mandolin and solfege lessons from elementary school and performed as a soloist in the school orchestra. She studied high school as a boarding student at the private Namık Sözeri High School in Bursa, and these courses helped Şebnem Ferah to know herself and stand on her own two feet.

Şebnem Ferah’s musical life continued with school orchestras and small groups. Farah, who worked with her group “Pegasus” during high school, dreamed of a girl group; thanks to a studio that opened in Bursa in the mid-80s, she met Sedat Yıldırım Sarica and realized this dream with Volvox. He learned—a group he founded in 1988. To be more interested in music, he left the economics department of METU in the second year of his studies, and after coming to Istanbul, he enrolled in the English language and literature department of Istanbul University.

After the dissolution of the Volvox Group in 1994, Şebnem Farah started her career. He opened a new page in his musical life by meeting Onno Tonch and Sezen Aksu.

Şebnem Ferah's first album

Şebnem Ferah’s first album

Şebnem Ferah released her first solo album, “Zen,” on November 15, 1996, with the support of Sezen Aksu and Onno Tunç of Rocks Music. He collaborated with Iskandar Paydash, Tarkan Gozobiuk, and Demir Demean on this album. Şebnem Ferah made her first music video for the song “Vazgeçtim Dunyadan”.

She topped the charts for a long time with cassette and CD sales and video clips. He later recorded clips for the songs “Yağmurlar,” “Bu Aşk over Sana,” and “Fırtina.” He held his first solo concert on April 4, 1997, at Ege University in Izmir in front of a crowd of about 6000 people. After the concert in Izmir, he continued his concerts in different parts of Turkey, and besides these concerts, he regularly performed programs in bars and pubs.

After 2.5 years of grief for the loss of her older sister Aycan Ferah, Şebnem Ferah released her second album called “Hala Jemman Kotaham” on 99 Khordad 1378, and the first clip of her second album was broadcast on music networks.

A Biography of Şebnem Farah

On April 24, 2003, he presented his album “Kelimeler Yetse” to his listeners. On April 28, 2003, the first video of this album, “Ben Şarkımı Söylerken,” started playing on music channels. Other clips of this album were “Mayın Tarlası” and “Gözlerimin Etrafındaki Çizgiler,” respectively. He held concerts in many cities of Türkiye.

Şebnem Farah said in an interview.

These are things we all live or will experience. Of course, accepting death is not easy, and it is not a topic that can be explained very briefly. But it is part of life. One learns something every day, and life has such a strange balance that it goes on whether you like it. And you grow more robust in the fragility. I don’t believe that vulnerability comes later; maybe it increases because of some factors. But I think everyone is a little fragile; everyone is a little sensitive.

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