Jennifer Şebnem Schaefer Biography

Jennifer Şebnem Schaefer: A Catalyst for Cultural Exchange and Social Change

Who is Jennifer Şebnem Schaefer?

Jennifer Şebnem Schaefer (Jennifer Şebnem Schaefer) is a very famous and rich Turkish-German actress, presenter, and model who has won many awards and achievements in Turkey and Germany. One of the most important reasons for her popularity is her unique beauty, which has brought her a lot of fame. Also, as one of the political activists, she has been present in critical fields, which has caused his name to reach everyone’s ears more than before.

About Jennifer Şebnem Schaeferand her family

Jennifer Şebnem Schaefer, whose full name is Jennifer Simon Makid Şebnem Schaefer, was born on February 9, 1984. She, who has a German father and a Turkish mother, was born in Frankfurt, Germany. She started modeling at the age of 15. While continuing his studies at Goethe University in Germany, she continued his modeling activities and constantly commuted between Turkey and Germany. Thus, she learned the Turkish language well.

In addition to German and Turkish, Şebnem Schaefer is fluent in English, Latin, and French, and she has also studied Arabic during her studies in Turkic studies.


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Şebnem Schaefer in bikini

Şebnem Schaefer studied Turkology for two years. After that, she continued his studies for one year in cultural anthropology, European ethnology, and psychoanalysis at Johann Wolfgang Goethe University. In addition to these, it is said that she has learned ballet and all kinds of oriental and basic dances, ice skating, etc. professionally for four years. Despite all this, she never tired of learning and tried his luck in horse riding classes to gain a new experience!

The beginning of her career and fame

Jennifer Şebnem Schaefer was first discovered by a modeling scout in 2000 when she was on vacation with her family in Turkey. He made his name known with the SMS contest: “We offer you billions (Milyarlar Sunuyoruz).” She then participated in the “Ford Models Super Model Of The World” contest and came out on top, which marked the beginning of her career in the modeling industry.

In 2001, she participated in the World Super Model competition in Miami Beach, America, representing Turkey in the modeling industry. She gained more fame by winning the championship title.

After that, many agencies from Milan, the capital of fashion and fashion, offered to work with her, and she became the only Turkish model to be photographed by Zeki Triko for a swimwear catalog. In 2002, she held fashion shows for the Acun Firarda fashion show in cities such as San Francisco and Santo Domingo.

Among other events that added to Schaefer’s fame is the 2006 Miss Germany Modeling Contest, or MGC Miss Germany, which Schaefer participated in on behalf of Rhineland-Palatinate. In addition to her modeling activities, Schaefer participated in the 2007 ice skating competition Buzda Dans, competing alongside many famous competitors.

She has appeared on the covers of many national and international magazines, including FHM, Esquire, Cosmopolitan, Formsanté, Shamdan, Aktüel, Gala, Tempo, Hafta Sonu, Bride, Vizon, InCity, DSmart, Ray Gurme, Artılife, Trtuning, Secret, Haftalık, Dolce, Kapris, Tele Magazin, Süxé, Alanyum, Nisan, HaberHayat, Elegance, Wiesbadener, and… appeared as a successful model.

She has been the advertising face of many brands and campaigns and participated in the fashion shows of many famous designers and brands in countries around the world, especially Turkey and Germany, such as Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Istanbul.

Activity as a performer and actress

Because of her beauty and talent, Jennifer Şebnem Schaefer has hosted many television channels, special events, and invitations in Turkey and Germany. But the turning point of his life in the broadcasting world was the program “Magnificent Children with Şebnem Schaefer” or “Muhteşem Çocuklar” broadcast on TV8.

In the acting world, his fame began with his appearance in the Turkish TV series “Emret komutanım,” known as Yes Sir in Farsi. This series is considered a step up for Ber,rak Tüzünataç in the Turkish TV series industry.

To date, Şebnem Schaefer has acted in two TV series, “Lise Defteri” (High School Magazine) and “Emret komutanım” (Yes Sir!) in Turkey. She has also appeared in two successful films at the Turkish box office. She is now in the army with the Turkish name O şeşti Asker, directed by Mustafa Alteuklar, and The Son of the Man Who Saves the World with the Turkish name Dünyayı Kurtaran Adamın oğlu by the veteran actor and director Kartal Tibet are two successful movies.

Şebnem Schaefer, who started her professional career in Germany and Turkey and continued with seriousness, was underemployed for a few years. She had a break in her career until 2016, when she participated in the Masal Ovidorma workshop for children. He participated and showed his presence once again in different arenas. Also, in June 2017, with Prof. Dr. Orhan Koral, she started making the program Lütfe+1 Çevre, which was broadcast on the Bloomberg channel.

Şebnem Schaefer

A look at all of Jennifer Şebnem Schaefer’s film and television works:

• TV series

1. Lise Defteri (2003)
2. Emret Komutanım (2008-2005)
3. Üç Tatlı Cadı (2007)
4. Arka Sokaklar (2018)

• movies

1. O Şimdi Asker (2002)
2. Dünyayı Kurtaran Adamın Oğlu (2006)
3. Renklerde Kaybolan Hayat (2009)

• TV programs and shows

1. Bilgi Yarışması: SMS Size Milyarlar Sunuyoruz
2. Almanya Hürriyet Baskı
3. New Year Program
4. Style Program
5. Şebnem Schaefer’la Muhteşem Çocuklar
6. Please+1 Çevre
7. Şebnem Schaefer’la Masal Uydurma Atölyesi
8. German-Turkish Film Festival
9. Açılışlar, special events

Her theatrical activities

1. Eros Pansiyon (2008-2009)
2. Sakın Diyorum Sakın (2017-2018)
3. Kaçamak ya da Kaçamamak (2018-2019)

Achievements and awards of Şebnem Schaefer

  • The first place of the most beautiful Turkish girl in Europe in 1995
  • First place face PRO 7 Arabella in 1999
  • 1st place in Miss Teen Tourism World in 2000
  • The first place of Ford Supermodels of the world in 2001
  • Reaching the semi-finals of the Star Search competition in Germany in 2002
  • 1st place Miss Bad Kreuznach in 2005
  • 1st place Queen of Rhineland-Palatinate in 2005
  • 2nd place of the German beauty queen in 2006

His other achievements:

In 2002, she was recognized as the most beautiful woman by the vote of Sabah newspaper and Bir Numara Yayıncılık employees.

  • 2004, FHM magazine selected her as Europe’s most beautiful Turkish model.
  • 2005, together with Çağla Kobat, she was voted the most beautiful girl in Turkey by the votes of thirteen plastic surgeons for Tempo weekly.
  • From 2005-2008-2010, she took her place on the list of the most attractive women in the world based on the votes of the readers of FHM magazine.
  • 2009, readers of Askmen magazine chose her as one of the top ten Turkish women.
  • 2011, readers ranked her among Complex magazine’s Top 50 Sexiest German Women.

About Jennifer Şebnem Schaeferand her family

Şebnem Schaefer’s political activities

Şebnem Schaefer joined the Democratic Party in 2007 and was finally nominated as a member of the Sisli Municipal Council in 2009. She graduated from Fernuniversität with a degree in public administration policy to become an ambassador between Turkey and Germany and participate in social projects.

2010, he met Christian Wolff, the then-German president, in Ankara. She gave him an official offer to work in Germany, and then Schaefer as the face and ambassador of the campaign (Turkey-Germany project, we are together). Selected.

At the same time, Şebnem Schaefer was an active member of the executive committee of the women’s branch of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) in Frankfurt. She, who also has nationalist sentiments, is one of the founders of the Limburg branch of the Kemalist Thought Society, which she has been a member of since she was 11 years old.

Recently, Şebnem Schaefer appeared in a wedding dress fashion show of a company with the concept of a wedding that was subjected to violence to draw attention to violence against women. With a torn wedding dress and make-up, along with bruises on her face, she attracted attention well.

Private life of Şebnem Schaefer

Şebnem Schaefer, who always tried to protect her private life and did not talk about it. One day, in a morning show where she was present, she also talked about his private life for the first time and said that she loved someone for two years in his life and now she doesn’t anymore, she explained that his lover was an actress. However, she has kept his name secret.

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