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Izmir Water Park

Splash into Fun: Exploring the Excitement of Izmir's Water Park

Izmir water parks

  • Alacati Oasis Water Park
  • The Aquacity Palcheva Water Park (this complex has permanently closed).

Izmir is one of the coastal cities in Turkey; in its southern part, you can see wonderful beaches and views. People also know the beautiful city of Izmir as the Pearl of the Aegean.

Note that when you visit such cities in the shape of the beach and the sea, it is necessary to prioritize water activities. Izmir is one of the best cities where you can easily enjoy memorable water activities. Could you make a figure for yourself?

Izmir’s Balçova Water Park can be called the best water park in Izmir. It is very modern and has excellent facilities for travelers.

Oasis Aquapark in Izmir City

Oasis water park

Another sight to see in Cheshme Izmir is the Oasis Water Park. This open-water village is located in a beautiful and fun environment. Water slides and other play equipment in this water park will create bright and exciting moments for you. Oasis Water Park has facilities such as a swimming pool, sauna, and jacuzzi that you can enjoy. In the field, there is also a restaurant and cafe in this complex, so you can have a memorable day by eating and drinking in this blue village. Also, to learn about the Izmir Water Park, you can see this article on the Marina Izmir Hotel website.

  • The official website of Izmir Oasis Water Park  is
  • Address and location of Oasis Cheshme Water Park (Alacati): Alaçatı Mah. 16095 Sk. No:12 Çeşme / İzmir
  • Contact Phone: 00905338901290
  • Email:

Izmir Balchova Water Park Aqua City Izmir

Izmir’s Balchova Water Park is closed forever. To enjoy the water park in Izmir, we recommend Oasis Water Park.

Izmir Water Park can be considered as one of the most exciting entertainments that you can enjoy. There are so many activities and entertainment in different categories that you will undoubtedly fall in love with this environment.

Izmir aqua Park is among all the water parks in this area; in addition to having a high reputation, it also has excellent facilities, attracting many tourists to this park.

Izmir Water Park facilities

Water parks in Izmir Turkey has many facilities, among which are several swimming pools, which include hot and cold water and support all kinds of needs of different people.

Izmir Water Park’s amusements are such that children and minors also benefit from their amusements. In addition, teenagers, young people, and adults also have particularly exciting amusements for themselves.

The best and most exciting games and activities, such as water slides, dancing, water polo, and even water volleyball, can be chosen for each group according to their age.

Izmir Oasis Water Park entertainment

Izmir Water Park entertainment

Turkey’s Izmir water park has entertainment, which is precisely because of the existence of this entertainment that it has been able to claim the title of the best water park in the city of Izmir.

Among the most important of these entertainments, we can mention the following:

  • Blue space holes
  • Tubes for falling into the water
  • Free fall slides in water
  • Family slides
  • The slides for children, known as two brothers, a rabbit, and a cobra.
  • Jacuzzi in high number
  • The presence of artificial reefs
  • River rafting and waterfall
  • As you can see, there are beautiful facilities in Azir water parks that you can easily use and enjoy.

Izmir Water Park rules

Since each collection has its own rules, it is necessary to have information about them and adhere to them so that you can enjoy the facilities of this collection well and happily.

Among the most important facilities of Izmir Water Park in Turkey, we can mention the following, which are extremely important:

  • If you have a child under 12 with you, they will take a commitment from you and give you full responsibility for him.
  • Children between one and three years old should use the special diapers sold there.
  • Suppose you are pregnant or have a physical disability and even suffer from heart disease. In that case, you are prohibited from using recreational equipment such as twisting and long slides.
  • They will give you instructions while entering the park, and you must read them to avoid any problems.
  • It’s forbidden to eat or drink near the swimming pools or playground equipment, and visitors are required to consume food and drinks only in restaurants and parks.
  • All people are prohibited from wearing clothes other than swimwear.
  • It is necessary to remove all personal jewelry before entering the complex, as it is possible to lose them in the pools.
  • If you do not know how to swim, do not enter deep pools.
  • If you want to use the long slides, you must be over 125 cm tall, and you can measure yourself at the beginning of each slide.

Entrance fee to Oasis Water Park in Izmir

The price in 2023 is as follows

  • Free for under three years
  • 350 lira for 4 to 12 years
  • 450 lira for 13 years and above

The time allotted for the activity of this park is from 10 am to 10 pm. Of course, you should be careful that the entrance closes at 6 pm; otherwise, entry is not permitted.

To know the price of Izmir Water Park, you must update your information continuously to know the exact prices and avoid any particular problems when you visit it later.

You can determine the ticket price, which they establish periodically and annually, by visiting or contacting this collection.

Ticket price is free for children 0-6 years old, and to benefit from student services, you must present your student card.

On official holidays, the ticket price aligns with that of weekends, and the term “family” in the above price list applies to families with two children up to the age of 12.

Izmir Water Park restaurants and coffee shops

Imagine entering a simple swimming pool in your country; undoubtedly, you may feel tired after playing in the pool. However, how can you not experience this sensation after enjoying and having fun in the best water park in Izmir? Be?

Izmir Aqua Park also has a variety of restaurants and coffee shops for you to choose from and buy various drinks or Turkish and seafood dishes. This place, one of Turkey’s tourist areas, receives special care. You can witness the existence of the best recreational facilities in this park.

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