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Everything about immigration to Türkiye

Over the past years, Turkey’s immigration policies and the provision of suitable conditions for obtaining residency and citizenship through the purchase of property or investment have made many Iranians choose Turkey as one of their best immigration destinations. do

Turkey is a tourist country with a rich culture, educational and social facilities at the level of advanced European countries, and the best universities in the world. Compared to European countries, the cost of living in Turkey is much lower, but the quality of life in this country is equal to the top countries in the world.

Due to cultural similarities and lifestyles in Iran and Turkey, this country has become one of the best immigration destinations for Iranians. Many people choose Turkey for work, study, investment, and marriage. This country allows applicants to experience the migration path more quickly than when migrating to European countries and creating their desired life in this country.

Reports show that immigration to Turkey has grown significantly because this country has a good situation in terms of economic, educational, investment, etc.

Türkiye’s new residence law

Temporary residence with the condition of buying a property worth 200,000 dollars (qualification for Turkish citizenship after five years)
Permanent residence and citizenship with the purchase of a property worth 400 thousand dollars (qualification for Turkish citizenship after three months)
Temporary residence with the condition of university registration (qualification for Turkish citizenship after four years of education and one year of legal work)
Successful residence with the condition of a work permit (qualification of Turkish citizenship after five years of legal work)
In the past years, with the approval of the law to refuse tourist accommodation, other types of accommodation became more popular and common. Study stays, property purchases, and business and family visits. In 2023, Turkey’s residence rules reached two hundred thousand dollars with the purchase of a property.

The Turkish residence law provided that purchasing a property worth 200,000 dollars has many legal loopholes that some lawyers and tourist companies are aware of and provide many services in this regard.

Immigrate to Türkiye through education:

Study stay in Turkey is one of the most popular and cheapest types of stay compared to buying a property in Turkey.

Many universities in Turkey and Izmir welcome international students with different fees.

In 2024, a law will be approved, according to which the Turkish Immigration Department will entrust the administrative procedures of issuing study residences for applying students to the universities themselves. With the approval of this law, immigration to Turkey through education will be much easier and more convenient.

Note that after four studies and one year of work with a work permit, you will be eligible to apply for Turkish citizenship, and you can start obtaining citizenship.

Standard methods of obtaining residence and Turkish citizenship

You cannot obtain permanent residency and Turkish citizenship in any way. Many people immigrate to Turkey by investing in buying property or studying. The minimum capital to buy a property is 200,000 US dollars, and the minimum qualification for studying in Turkey is participation in the YOS or SAT exam.

Work migration can also be a good choice if you have enough skills in a job. So, you’ll need to carefully examine your abilities and conditions first.

There are different ways to immigrate to Turkey, each with its conditions, advantages, and disadvantages. Familiarity with these immigration methods can benefit people who intend to obtain Turkish residence or citizenship and passport. These methods generally include migration through property purchase, investment, education, work, and marriage.

In this article, we will deal exclusively with the purchase of property in Turkey and ways to invest in this country. We have talked about the importance of currency transfers for immigrating to this country, and we have compiled the necessary guidelines for your dear ones.

Immigrate to Türkiye through property purchase:

According to the type of residence you want to receive, you can buy property in Turkey and invest in this field. If you are looking for a place in Turkey by purchasing a property there, the minimum capital required will be 200 thousand US dollars. You will need at least 400 thousand US dollars to obtain Turkish citizenship and a passport.

It is unnecessary to spend these amounts on only one property or house; you can pay these amounts to buy several properties. It should be noted that the purchased property should be purchased in areas other than rural and uninhabitable areas.

Euro Currency

Buying property in Türkiye in 2024

Due to the recent changes in the issue of temporary residence, the Turkish government is planning to increase the price and change the rules for buying property to obtain citizenship and a passport. Of course, serious decisions have yet to be made in this regard. Therefore, currently, you can get Turkish citizenship for 400 thousand dollars if you are looking for investment or to get Turkish citizenship (Turkish passport).

In the past, with 400,000 dollars, two families could get Turkish citizenship and a passport, but now only one family can get citizenship with this figure. The Turkish government gives you the possibility that instead of buying a property at this price, you can buy several properties at lower prices so that their total reaches 400 thousand dollars.

So, as you know, the property purchased by foreign applicants cannot be sold for up to 5 years. After buying a property, you will receive a Turkish passport in about three months to obtain Turkish citizenship. Indeed, you will not be able to sell the purchased property for up to 5 years, but you can rent your property in this country and have income from renting your property.

These conditions have been stabilized until the end of the year and before the beginning of 2024, and we may face the new Turkish citizenship laws in the new year. Also, the minimum purchase price of a property for residence has increased from $75,000 to $200,000. You and your family (children under 25) can get residency in this country by buying a property worth 200 thousand dollars.

Buying a property to obtain a Turkish residence means you will not need a work permit in this country. Of course, if you are officially employed in a Turkish company and your insurance premium is paid, you can track a work permit or register a company and hire 5 Turkish workers and pay their insurance premium, and you can get a work permit.

Also, if you plan to buy land in Turkey, you should note that foreign applicants can only accept 30 hectares of land there. You must also start your project on the purchased land within the first two years. Also, foreign applicants cannot buy property or get residence in rural, military, or security areas.

Documents required to buy property in Türkiye:

When buying a property in Turkey, you must collect various documents and submit them to the immigration and real estate offices where you buy your property. Of course, the mentioned items are the general required documents you should bring. These documents may sometimes differ according to the property type and other indicators.

• Having a tax code in this country
• Translation of the buyer’s passport and birth certificate from Noter (Turkey’s official registry offices)
• If you are married, you must also provide an official marriage certificate translation.
• Two pieces of 6 x 5 biometric photos
• The official report provided by the property expert.
• Deposit slips by the buyer
• Currency conversion sheet

What problems can occur when buying property in Türkiye?

Having sufficient knowledge before any action in any field is one of the main principles of any work. Indeed, the information of people active in Turkey’s real estate and investment field is more than that of ordinary people. Lack of knowledge and sufficient information about different areas of cities, common property, legal and registration laws, and actual prices of other properties can be a problem for you.

Please talk to expert advisors in this field and use their guidance before taking any necessary action. A wrong way can lead to the loss of your capital, and your future and life will be affected by these incorrect instructions from bad people.

Investment in Türkiye

In recent years, immigrating to Turkey through property purchase and investment has become one of the popular ways to immigrate to this country. The lower value of the lira compared to the dollar, its presence in the world market, the possibility of obtaining Turkish residence through investment, etc., are among the essential reasons that make this country suitable for investment.

Turkey has established unique rules and regulations for the investment of foreign nationals. To attract foreign investors, the Turkish government has provided tax discounts, value-added tax exemptions, and the possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship and permanent residence. These features have made accepting Turkish homes through investment known as one of the popular methods for most people seeking a Turkish passport.

Due to its geographical area, Turkey is a bridge between Europe and Asia and has an important strategic position for many businesses. According to published statistics, Istanbul is the seventh city in Europe with the most investments. Geographical location, strong economy, support for entrepreneurs, encouragement of foreign investment, benefit from good infrastructure, and a skilled workforce are among the advantages that make Turkey attractive for investment.

Investment methods in Türkiye:

Since Turkey is an immigrant and investment country, there are different ways to invest in this country. In general, investing in Turkey can be divided into the following ways:

• Investing in real estate, as we mentioned earlier.
• Purchase of Turkish government bonds
• Establishing a company with at least 50 Turkish employees
• Bank investment or buying a franchise worth 500,000 US dollars.

Investment in Türkiye through company registration

To register the company and invest in this field, you must remember the rules and regulations that will lead to the residence and citizenship of Turkey. According to the laws approved by the Turkish government, individuals can successfully obtain residence by investing in this country within the limits Determined by the Turkish government.
Investing through company registration and entrepreneurship in Turkey leads to Turkish residency when it has a strong business plan and is approved by the Ministry of Industry and Technology. The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs must confirm that employment will be created for at least 50 Turkish citizens. Company registration and entrepreneurship in Turkey are not easy, but people with a strong business plan and solid financial support can succeed.

turkish passport

Investment through bank deposits and government bonds

The minimum investment amount for foreign investors in Turkey to place a bank deposit must be at least 500 thousand dollars. This amount can be deposited in Turkish banks or investment funds as a foreign currency or its lira equivalent, precious metals, and other items. In general, any investment must be approved by the Central Bank of Turkey as money convertible into foreign currency and equivalent with a value of 500,000 dollars.
For foreign applicants to obtain Turkish citizenship, their total deposits in the accounts opened with Turkish banks must exceed 500 thousand US dollars. Also, this amount should be kept in Turkish banks for three years and not be reduced. Also, you can get citizenship of this country by buying government bonds and even shares in the Istanbul Stock Exchange worth 500 thousand US dollars and experience a long-term investment as your claim becomes more valuable.

Investment by buying a franchise or brand.

Buying a business in Turkey can provide investors with a bright and secure financial future. However, finding a profitable, reliable, and well-paying company in this country can take time and effort. Buying a business in Turkey means the investor buys one already operating in Turkey.

After buying a business in Turkey, all bank accounts, facilities, contracts, and even the company’s customers are handed over to the new owner. The accurate valuation of the business before the purchase is vital. It should be considered for sale because if a company has a good profit, a person is not willing to sell it under normal circumstances. Therefore, it is undeniably necessary to do thorough research before buying a business.

Minimum capital to immigrate to Türkiye

If you plan to stay in Turkey, you may wonder how much money is needed to make this migration a reality. I would like to let you know that in addition to everyday expenses, depending on the way and method you choose for your migration, you should consider a budget suitable for each of these methods. We have discussed this in detail before and the different costs of each immigration method option.

In general, the minimum capital for immigrating to Turkey, if you want to purchase a property, you should consider an amount between 200 thousand and 400 thousand dollars to obtain Turkish residence or citizenship. Also, if you’re going to study at a Turkish university, the amount will vary depending on whether it is a public or private university. Also, one thing to remember is that each person’s lifestyle is completely different from another person’s.

The importance of currency transfers in immigration to Türkiye

One of the main concerns of Iranian travelers when traveling or immigrating to Turkey is how to convert currency and transfer their money safely. Since the cost of recycling and moving cash through banks is very high, they use this method much less. The best way in this field is to convert money to Turkish currency or buy digital currency.

However, choosing a suitable and reliable exchange is a big challenge. Therefore, choosing an authentic and reliable business with a history of work, insurance, exchange manager, appropriate fees, and name and reputation in the market is essential so travelers can quickly and confidently do all their foreign exchange transactions.

Please remember that for your currency transfers to buy property and invest in Turkey, you can get help from reputable companies with the license to do so that your money can be easily transferred to Turkey.

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