Commercial Potentials of Izmir

The agricultural potential of Izmir

Illuminating Izmir's Agricultural Abundance: Unlocking Its Potential

Suitable areas for agriculture in Izmir City and Age Province

  • Bergama
  • Bayındır
  • Ödemiş
  • Torbali
  • Menderes
  • Kemalpaşa
  • Selçuk
  • Tire
  • Menemen
  • Kiraz

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Agricultural potential in Izmir

Regarding agricultural potential, Izmir is considered a lucky city due to its favorable climate. The geographical structure and advantageous climatic features of Izmir province provide an ideal environment for growing various types of plants and livestock in this region. The city of Izmir has a higher potential than many other cities in the world; from figs to tobacco, citrus fruits, livestock products, olive oil, legumes, aromatic and medicinal plants, winemaking, different flowers, and honey, it has a great variety of these products.

Izmir’s fertile soil, favorable climate, rich water resources, and biodiversity have made Izmir one of the most important cities in Turkey. Therefore, 28.5% of Izmir’s soil is occupied by agricultural lands. Out of 3,443,674 acres (each acre equals 1000 square meters), 41.1% of cultivated land is agricultural land, 28.3% is olive land, 11.5% is vegetable, 9.2% is fruit, and 3.8% is orchard. Taking into consideration the entire agricultural lands of Izmir, the parts of Bergama, Bayındır, Udmish, Torbali, Menderes, Kamal Pasha, Seljuk, Tire, Menman, and Kiraz have a more vital role in this field.

Izmir's agricultural export value

Izmir’s agricultural export value

From 2015 until today, the total value of agricultural products in Izmir province was 11.45 billion liras, and vegetable products were 5.94 billion liras. Livestock products earned 5.02 billion liras, and aquatic products 494 million liras.

Therefore, taking into consideration the production of the plant, animal husbandry, and aquatic products, the value of output, and the overall share of Izmir province in the production, the largest share is allocated to plant products, followed by animal husbandry and aquatic products in the next ranks. With its modern agricultural structure, Izmir province is uniquely positioned in Turkey and the region.

Also, in many products, in terms of performance and quality, Izmir province is at a high level compared to the national average. In terms of production, cotton, tobacco, olives and olive oil, grapes, and figs have a more critical position in Turkey, and their production and export contribute significantly to Turkey’s economy.

Recently, in addition to traditional crops, organic crops, greenhouse, geothermal greenhouse, branched flowers, ornamental plants, milk, citrus fruits, nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables, winemaking, hazelnuts, animal husbandry (small animals), and investment in The processing of aquatic products has shown high progress.

Izmir Mehd Kasht Organic

In recent years, due to the significant growth of this industry with essential advances made in organic cultivation, the first organic cultivation started in the mid-1980s with the cultivation of seedless grapes in Izmir, where Izmir pioneered organic cultivation. Currently, they are pioneers in the field of exporting organic products and host many such businesses that are producing organic products.

In addition to the fertile agricultural land and plant diversity, Izmir also benefits from a wide variety of livestock. This city has shown a very high efficiency in terms of species grown in Izmir province, food industries related to livestock products, and profit earned per head of animal.

Since 2015, 526,097 cows, 574,289 sheep, and 236,701 goats have been raised in Izmir, making the milk and dairy products sector one of this city’s most important production branches. Therefore, Izmir is considered the dairy capital of Turkey and ranks first in terms of productivity. According to the statistics published in 2015, 1,732,130 tons of milk, 35,656 tons of red meat, and 269,696 tons of white meat were produced.

Izmir's high share of breeding and selling aquatic products

Izmir’s high share of breeding and selling aquatic products

Considering the high potential of Izmir province in the field of breeding and selling aquatic products, the production value of marine fishes and other aquatic products in Izmir is 25.72 million liras, and farmed fish is equal to 468.07 million liras, which in total, the total value of these productions is 493.80 million liras. . 94.8% of the income from the marine sector is obtained from the aquaculture sector.

Conclusion about the agricultural potential of Izmir

Izmir’s contribution in this field is evident and significant by evaluating foreign trade data. According to the data of the Turkish Statistical Institute, in the sectors of agriculture, animal husbandry, fishing, and food and beverage products, urban exports were 2.24 billion dollars in 2014 and 1.89 billion dollars in 2015. According to the figures for the first eight months of 2016, this amount was 1.31 billion dollars.


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